Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

Our unique approach to supplying wire baskets gives today’s price conscious nurserymen the choice of three manufacturing designs:

  • The time-tested NYP/GW wire basket. This innovative style uses two continuous wires in the basket's construction. The offers superior strength and durability at a competitive cost. In addition, these baskets are produced here in the USA at our Tennessee and North Carolina plants.
  • Our Original NYP wire basket offers the same great quality you expect from galvanized welded ring and loop baskets and at price that will make your wallet smile.
  • NYP teamed up with BRAUN© to offer its patented continuous wire design.

All three baskets models are available in all sizes, styles, with super special pricing on truck load quantities.

Purchase Wire Baskets Online

That's right, now you can purchase wire baskets online from our catalog site at GWestern.com:

Spec Sheet for Wire Baskets



  • Wirebasket Regular 22Regular - 22°
  • Wirebasket Short 22Short - 22°
  • Wirebasket Regular 25Regular - 25°
  • Wirebasket Curved Vermeer TS 35Curved Vermeer TS-33
  • Wirebasket Short 25Short - 25°
  • Wirebasket Regular 30Regular - 30°
  • Wirebasket Short 25Short - 30°
  • Wirebasket RokorRokor
  • Wirebasket Holmac/PazzagliaHolmac/Pazzaglia
  • Wirebasket HoltHolt
  • Wirebasket Big JohnBig John
  • Wirebasket Optimal 2 BladeOptimal 2 Blade
  • Wirebasket Optimal 4 BladeOptimal 4 Blade
  • Wirebasket DutchmanDutchman
  • Wirebasket A.G.G.B. BasketsA.G.G.B Baskets
  • Wirebasket Clegg BasketsClegg Baskets - 9°
  • Wirebasket CleggClegg Baskets - 15°

And don’t forget about CRIMPING TOOLS with your baskets!

NYP offers 6 styles, all with “T” handles:NYP Corp Crimping Tools Available

24” long “T” style with end-slot opening to grab the wire
15” long “J” style hay-hook
19” long “J” style hay-hook
21” long Cork Screw type that twist up excess wire
16” long BIG “J” style hay-hook
22” long BIG “J” style hay-hook

All NYP crimping tools are sold individually.