Sisal and Polypropylene Twine and String

Twine, rope and strapping

Sisal, polypropylene, multi-ply, baler, and binder twine

NYP Corp. offers an extensive line of tying products, from high grade center pull sisal twine and poly twines to super strong “mule tape” and seat belt strapping. We offer this assortment of tying products in virtually any packaging. Our twines are available from single bales to full containers. Quantity is never a problem; we have truck loads ready for shipment from any of our four locations. Check out our Specials on Baler Twine for Pine straw bales!

Sisal Twine- Natural and Treated

TypePlyPackagingPallet Size
Natural- # 101,2,310 Boxes/Bale10 Bales/Pallet
Treated- # 101,2,310 Boxes/Bale10 Bales/Pallet
Natural- # 202,3,4,5,66 Boxes/Bale10 Bales/Pallet
Treated- # 204,5,66 Boxes/Bale10 Bales/Pallet
Natural- # 501,2,3,4,5,6Wooden ReelSingle/Multiple Reels
Natural- #100 Coil- Many Ends (100 ends per coil)1100 lb coilsSingle/Multiple Coils
Natural- #100 Coil- Many Ends (50 ends per coil)2100 lb coilsSingle/Multiple Coils
Natural- #100 Coil- Many Ends (37 ends per coil)3100 lb coilsSingle/Multiple Coils

Baler Twine

Natural Sisal Baler Twine7200 ft. per lb2/20 lb balls per bale
Natural Sisal Baler Twine9000 ft. per lb2/20 lb balls per bale
Poly Orange Baler Twine7200 ft. per lb2/8.5 lb balls per bale
Poly Orange Baler Twine9000 ft. per lb2/8.25 lb balls per bale

Binder Twine

Natural Sisal Binder Twine 10/5 lb balls per bale

Natural Sisal Ropes

Coil SizeDiameterLength
50 # coils1/2"665'
25 # coils1/4"1500'
30 # coils1/4"1500'
50 # coils3/8"275'

Poly Twines including "Zero Twist"

StylePlyBall WeightFeet/PoundBoxes/Bale
Poly white1,2,3# 108504
Poly green1# 102504
Poly white/green1# 10250single
Poly white1# 103504
Poly white1,2,3# 105504
Poly white1# 50850many ends coil
Poly white1,3# 50550many ends coil
Xmas tree tying1# 516001-#5 single ball tube
Zero Twist Poly white1# 105004

 Mule Tape Strapping

  • yes, it strong as a mule: 1250-2500 lb burst strength!
  • great for tying large B & B material.
  • 3/8” – 3/4” widths
  • sold by the pound - packed in Gaylord boxes

Seatbelt Strapping

  • perfect for tying “Big John” or large B & B material
  • made from 100% polyester
  • 6000 lb burst strength
  • 2 inch widths
  • 25 ft per lb (sold by the lb)
  • 1900 lbs approx. weight per skid

NOTE: we offer seatbelt strapping for basket tying only, we do not recommend this material be used for any other purpose such as lifting or towing.