Bamboo and Fiberglass Stakes for Trees and Plants

Bamboo and Fiberglass Stakes for Tree and Plants

When it comes to earth-friendly products, NYP Corp.’s Tonkin Bamboo Stakes come out on top.

Our hand selected, thick walled bamboo is great for today’s environmentally conscious buyer. The Tonkin Bamboo cane, like our sustainable jute/burlap materials, matures for harvesting quickly and requires no fertilizer or pesticides, and most importantly it’s 100% biodegradable. Bamboo is “mother nature’s fiberglass”: incredibly strong, flexible; and it is totally sustainable and renewable.

We inventory a huge quantity of assorted sizes: by the bundle or by the container load we have the size, quality and quantity to satisfy your needs.

Bamboo Stakes

3'6-8 mm1000 pcs per bundle
3'8-10mm500 pcs per bundle
4'8-10mm500 pcs per bundle (green)
4'8-10mm250 pcs per bundle
4'10-12mm250 pcs per bundle
4'12-14mm250 pcs per bundle
5'10-12mm250 pcs per bundle
5'12-14mm250 pcs per bundle
6'8-10mm200 pcs per bundle
6'10-12mm200 pcs per bundle (green)
6'12-14mm200 pcs per bundle
6'14-16mm200 pcs per bundle
6'15-17mm100 pcs per bundle
7'12-14mm100 pcs per bundle
7'15-17mm100 pcs per bundle
7'18-20mm100 pcs per bundle
8'18-20mm100 pcs per bundle
8'24-26mm50 pcs per bundle
9'24-26mm50 pcs per bundle
10'24-26mm50 pcs per bundle
10'26-28mm50 pcs per bundle
10'30-35mm25 pcs per bundle
12'26-28mm25 pcs per bundle
12'28-30mm25 pcs per bundle
12'30-35mm25 pcs per bundle
15'35-40mm25 pcs per bundle

To convert mm (millimeters) to US standard inches multiply the number of mm by 0.039.
example: 26mm X 0.039= 1.014 slightly over 1 inch

mm size shown indicates thickness at the base (thickest) part of the stake. Typical bamboo stakes taper down approximately 25% of the base thickness at the top.

Bamboo Tying Tape – Naturally Green

LengthDiameterPieces Per Case
.06 mil½” X 200 ft per roll96 rolls per case
.08 mil1” X 150 ft per roll48 rolls per case

Fiberglass Stakes

We also carry a complete line long-life, low maintenance fiberglass plant stakes! Tapered point at one end.
HeightDiameterPieces Per Bundle

The "NYP" Tree Guard

We offer a variety of styles, and one sure to fit your particular application! Protect your trees in the field and during handling and shipping
NYP Corrugated HDPE Guards with UV Protection
SizePer BoxPer Pallet
2” X 24”1262772 ct
2” X 30”1262268 ct
2” X 36”1261890 ct
2” X 48”10 pack400 ct
3” X 24”501100 ct
3” X 30”50900 ct
3” X 36”50750 ct
3” X 48”10 pack240 ct
4” X 36”95---------------------
4” X 48”70---------------------

NYP Heavy Wax Coated Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

We die-score the sheets so they fold around the truck easily, and offer sheets with locking tabs.
SizePer BundlePer Skid
19 ½ X 28” scored501200
19” X 28” lock tab501200

NYP Synthetic Felt Wrap

All sizes are packed 250 pcs. per bundle
12” X 45”
15” X 30”
15” X 36”
15” X 45”
18” X 30”
18” X 36”

NYP Burlap Hand Rolls

6” X 100’ 20 rolls per box

NYP Paper Tree Wrap

4” X 150’ 10 rolls per wrapped stack