Root Pouch Containers

Root Pouch Containers

No matter the root ball size, we have the right grow bag


One significant difference in Root Pouch and all the others is the weave of our fabrics.
All other fabric companies boast that they air-prune roots. Root Pouch does not air-prune, our fabric weave prunes by entrapment.

Air-pruning works by the weave being loose enough for the roots to squeeze through, once the root hits the air it stops growing and signals the tree to send additional roots.
Entrapment pruning is when the fabric weave is too tight and does not allow the root tips to squeeze through and traps them signaling the tree to send additional roots.

Both methods of root pruning produce the same great non-circling dense fibrous root system when used above ground where there is air surrounding the pots. Growing in the ground as well as pot-in-pot where there is no air is quite different.

Other fabric pots allow roots to penetrate their bags into surrounding soil which is not the most effective way of controlling roots within the bag.

Root Pouch is far superior to pruning roots in all growing applications, this coupled with the natural fibers ability to draw and absorb water from surrounding soil make it the better choice for in ground growing.

Boxer Line Root Pouch

Boxer Line

Heavyweight Fabric

250 g/m2 PETE fabric, Brown, Forest, Navy

Black Root Pouch


Thickest Fabric

260 g/m2 Natural Fiber Blend, Semi-degradable 4-5 seasons


Grey Root Pouch


Thick Fabric

250 g/m2 natural fiber blend, Semi-degradable 3-4 seasons


Charcoal Root Pouch


Thin Fabric

150 g/m2 natural fiber blend, Semi-degradable, one and done


Thin Black Root Pouch

Thin Black Fabric Grow Bags

Thinnest Fabric

90 g/m2 natural fiber blend, Semi-degradable 12-15 months