Recycled and Used Sisal, Kenaf and Santos Bags

Recycled & Used Sisal, Kenaf, & Santos Bags

Our recycled bags acknowledge the legacy and history of NYP Corp. and the textile bag industry, built by a industrious few who traveled around collecting empty bags from coffee and chocolate producers, then cleaned and repaired them for resale

NYP was recycling packaging long before conservation and eco awareness became part of everyday practice. Today, these heavy-duty, all natural recycled bags are still in demand.

NYP offers the following:

  • # 1 Medium sisal grass bags 27” x 38” (Colombian coffee bean bags)
  • # 1 Kenaf bags 26” x 40” ( African and South American coffee bean bags)
  • # 1 Santos bags 27” x 38” ( Brazilian coffee bean bags)
  • # 1 Heavy Blue Strips 27” x 44” ( Ivory Coast coffee bean bags)
  • # 1 used Potato 23” x 36” ( Domestic bulk potato’s)

These clean neatly stacked and baled bags are great for….

  • Packing cast statuary
  • Cast iron parts
  • Chain packaging
  • Debris removal
  • Stone and gravel
  • Forged pipe fitting parts
  • Pecan harvesting
  • Slid pads
  • Shipping containers
  • Packing oysters and clams
  • Hops
  • Tree trunk guards

For more information about these durable, yet inexpensive bags give us a call.