Wholesale Landscape Supplies

Wholesale Landscape Supplies

We recognize that many of the textile products produced by NYP Corp. for the nursery grower are also used by landscapers and lawn & garden maintenance contractors. So, we modified our packaging and tailored many of our existing products to specifically meet your needs and quantity requirements.

Now, you can contact us directly for many of your landscape and maintenance needs. Save time and money on items like:


We also offer….

  • NYP leaf carriers and large burlap sheets
  • Professional digging spades:
    • King of Spades and Signature Spade in 13”or 15” blade lengths
  • New & Used biodegradable bags, great for leaves and yard debris
  • Burlap, multi-wall paper, and sisal grass bags
  • Windbreak rolled burlap - plain or treated
  • Tree guards
  • Sod staples

These are just a few of the items for landscapers. Many more can be found by searching our site. And, all are available with a simple phone call with most available for shipment within 24 hours!