Burlap and Polypropylene Ground Cover Fabric

Ground Cover Fabric & Frost Protection Fabric

Put a stop to weeds while allowing water and nutrients to pass!

Ground Cover fabric is referred to by several names as it was developed with having one purpose: to lure moisture into the soil and to help restrict weed growth.

Ground Cover (weed barrier, conservation fabric or weed block) is an engineered black woven polypropylene geotextile fabric. It’s designed to endure extended periods of sunlight, resist insect and wildlife damage and allow water penetration. All our ground covers come with a woven green marker every 12 inches. This marker helps for easy guidance while installing or lining potted plants.

NYP also supplies 6” “U” shaped wire sod staples, for holding the fabric in place during installation. (See bottom of this page.)

Standard Black Ground Cover:

  • 3 oz. per square yard
  • black color
  • 2500 hr UV exposure rating; 70% retained fabric integrity
  • 11 X 11 weave yarn count per square inch
  • available in 100 yard and 1000 yard continuous length rolls
  • all rolls are on heavy wall 3” cores
  • green stripe every 12 inches across fabric width


WidthLengthSq Ft/Roll
3'100 yd900
4'100 yd1200
4½'100 yd1350
5'100 yd1500
6'100 yd1800
10'100 yd3000
12'100 yd3600
15'100 yd4500
3'1000 yd9000
4'1000 yd12000
4½'1000 yd13500
5'1000 yd15000
6'1000 yd18000
10'1000 yd30000
12'1000 yd36000
15'1000 yd45000

Conservation Ground Cover:

  • 3 oz per square yard
  • black color
  • 2500 hr UV exposure rating (xenon arc); 70% retained fabric integrity
  • 12 X 11 weave yarn count per square inch
  • yarn tensile strength, 175 lbs warp yarn, 115 lbs fill yarn
  • rolls are available on 3” or 4” heavy wall cores with 1” length extending beyond rolled edges on each side
  • green stripe every 12 inches across fabric width


WidthLengthSq Ft/Roll
6'100 yd
6'166.6 yd
6'250 yd
Also available in 3x3 and 4x4 squares

To calculate how many square feet or square yards you will need:

  1. To calculate the total square footage, multiply the number of feet in width x the number of feet in length.
  2. To calculate the square yards, divide the total square footage by 9.

4’ X 300’ = 1200 sq ft
1200 sq ft/9 = 133.33

Frost Protection Fabric

  • Available in 2oz., 3oz., and 6oz. in a variety of put-ups  2oz.- 15’ X 100’ on rolls or folded in cardboard box, and 2oz.- 30’ X 100’ folded in cardboard box  3oz and 6oz- 15’ X 300’ rolls only
  • This high-strength material is made from non-woven polypropylene with excellent permeability to allow air and water flow.
  • Custom fabricated sheet sizes are available
  • NYP also offers the pre-filled sandbags used to secure the fabric.
  • With minimal care both fabric and sandbags can be reused


NYP Sod Staples

  • “U” shaped wire sod staples
  • standard: 6” x 11 gauge
  • packed in heavy-duty boxes of 1000
  • 50 boxes per skid
  • also available in: 8” x 2” x 8” and 10” x 2” x 10”