Woven Polypropylene Bags

 Woven Poly Bags with Custom Printing

When it comes to woven polypropylene bags, NYP Corp. offers the best of both worlds.

As a manufacturer and importer, we supply custom produced domestic poly bags, as well as high quality imported wpp bags. Our dual capacity allows you to choose from an array of standard imported sizes or we can custom produce domestic bags to your specification. And, printing is available on both imported and in-house custom bags. 

We offer a variety of options on in-house manufactured woven poly bags:

  • Specification weave count and fabric weight
  • Custom sewn tie strings and draw cords
  • Multi-color printing, front and back
  • Laminated
  • With or without anti-skid
  • Unlimited sizes and quantities

Many of the same options are available on our imported poly bags:

  • 750, 800, and 850 denier yarn
  • Hem tops
  • Multi-color printing, front and back
  • Laminated
  • Clear view side gusset
  • Single or double stitched bottoms
  • With or without anti-skid
  • Same day shipping on plain bags

Here are just some of the sizes currently available:
   15” x 24”                      18” x 30”
   18.5” x 32”                   18.5” x 35”
   19” x 30”                       20” x 31”
   20” x 36”                       22” x 36”
   22” x 40”                       24” x 40”
   25” x 40”                       26” x 40”
   27” x 40”                       28” x 40
   30” x 45”                       40” x 54

Ready to ship 14x26 sandbags with tie string attached Packed in bales of 1000


Some of the uses for NYP Corp. woven polypropylene bags include:

  • Dry pet-food bags
  • Deer corn bags
  • Grass seed bags
  • USDA relief program bags
  • Military specification sandbags
  • Livestock feed bags
  • Rice bags
  • Dry edible beans bags
  • Processed sugar bags
  • Athletic reconditioning bags
  • Debris removal bags
  • Chemical bags
  • Fertilize bags
  • Construction sandbags
  • Emergency flood protection sandbags
  • Customized shipping bags
  • Asbestos removal bags

If paper or plastic bag breakage is a problem; you can solve it today with a durable, printable and affordable wpp bag from NYP Corp.