filled sandbags

Filled Sandbags

Pre Filled Emergency Sandbags……. ready to stack!

NYP Corp. has taken some of the work and worry out of flood preparation. Filling large quantities of sandbags can be a logistical nightmare; sourcing bags, trucking, arranging for bulk sand, finding a dry place to fill the sandbags and securing volunteer labor just to mention a few. So, let NYP Corp. take care of your filled sandbags and you can focus on the other pressing issues.

If the backbreaking work of filling the sandbags is not a concern for you, we provide the country's only complete line of general purpose and government specification sandbags. You can view and learn about our assortment of sandbags including our biodegradable burlap sandbags by navigating to our Sandbags page or you can visit the Emergency sandbag section directly.

With a supporting network of prepositioned inventory we are capable of supplying trailer loads of filled sandbags anywhere in the country on short notice.

 All filled sandbags contain a nominal 45 lbs of clean class “A” fill sand and are packed 50 per skid. Each skid of bags is poly covered and wrapped to protect the sand from getting wet.


Download a pdf on building sandbag dikes for flood control.