Emergency Sandbags

Emergency Sandbags

We have millions of emergency sandbags in stock ready to help prevent flood damage

1-800-524-1052 or 1-908-482-2179

We manufacture and supply all types of bags. However we particularly pride ourselves in providing millions of emergency sandbags in national emergencies and other events. We also manufacture design-specific sandbags used as force protection by our military troops around the globe.

Filled sandbags are probably the last thing you thought you would ever need, and hopefully you never will. BUT, if you do, NYP is here to help with first responder speed and efficiency.

Pre-Filled Sandbags for Quick Deployment

All NYP sandbags are available pre-filled with a nominal 45lbs of Class “A” sand and permanently sealed closed with a stainless steel clip or steel wire tie.

Our standard and most economical 14”x 26”white filled woven polypropylene sandbag is packed 50 per skid, weatherproofed and shrink wrapped.


Our filled sandbags are used in situations such as:

  • Flood water control
  • Dike and dam reinforcement
  • Home flood protection
  • Fire walls
  • Crowd control
  • Barricades
  • Erosion control
  • Snow and ice traction weights
  • Prevention of beach erosion
  • Channeling water run off

In addition to the white woven polypropylene filled sandbag, we offer several other styles and colors, pre-filled for your convenience. And all sandbag types are available empty and for same day shipping in most cases.

More information about these bags can be found under All Sandbags.

When Mother Nature won’t wait, neither should you!

Let NYP Corp. help protect your property.
Call 1-800-524-1052 or 1-908-482-2179, or call any of the numbers found on our Contacts and Locations for immediate assistance. 

More information on building sandbag dikes for flood control.