Cotton Bags and Cotton Products

Deer Corn Bags

White, Green Mesh & Printed Poly Deer Corn Bags


Poly Deer Corn Bag

Printed Front & Back Poly Bags:

Any quantity 50 lb / 18.5”X 32” Poly Shelled Deer Corn Bag. Printed 1 color front and back. Our standard deer scene on the front and a marksman’s target on the back. After emptying the bag, simply re-fill it with sand for target practice.



White Poly Bags

White Woven Poly Bags:

These bags are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from 25 to 100 pounds of shelled corn. These bags have a finished hemmed top, which makes a great looking package when filled!




Green Mesh Bags

Green Woven Mesh Poly Bags:

We offer a 22"X 36" ,and 24"X 36" size in Green Mesh Poly Bag for Corn-on-the-cob. Our mesh bags feature a draw pull-cord for easy closing.





Wire ties and Twist Tools

Wire Ties & Twist Tool:

Wire “QUICK” ties with the handy tie tool makes closing your filled bags - FAST-EASY-SECURE. We offer 6" Double Eye Wire Ties in coils of 1000.





Burlap for Hunting Blinds

Burlap by the roll & Jute Mesh for Hunting Blinds

For camouflaging your hunting blind or tree stand we offer 100% NATURAL heavy grade burlap and open weave Jute Mesh. Both are great for covering your duck and turkey blinds or camouflaging your deer stands. NATURAL burlap and jute have no dyes or inks that emit unusual odors that are easily detectable by wildlife. Burlap is also great for insulating your blind and block wind.