Manufacturer of Burlap Bags

Wholesale Burlap Bags with Available Custom Printing

NYP's burlap bags combine versatility with low environmental impact.

Burlap is organic, biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, durable, printable and very affordable… did I leave out any “ables”, other than NYP Corp. is able to custom cut to size, multi-color print, and sew a new burlap bag for you. We have many plain stock sizes of wholesale burlap bags available for immediate shipment!

  • We offer small runs on custom print and sizes.
  • We sew in tie strings, draw cords, draw tape and Velcro for closing.
  • We can sew in a filling valve.
  • We provide over lock and chain stitching and a assortment of seam styles and thread colors.
  • We offer sewn in tags and labels
  • We can insert polyethylene liners for moisture proofing
  • We offer laminated burlap bags in both printed and plain

NYP Corp.’s earth-friendly burlap bags can be found in wide variety of industries and in a multitude of designs.

Here are just a few examples of how NYP Corp. burlap bags are used:

  • Military specification sandbags
  • Specialty parts burlap bags
  • Peanut burlap bags (shelled and unshelled)
  • Specialty coffee burlap bags
  • Customized retail shopping burlap bags
  • Dried bean burlap bags
  • Sweet potato burlap bags
  • Shellfish burlap bags
  • Pecan burlap bags
  • Rip-rap construction burlap bags
  • Customized promotional burlap bags
  • Grain burlap bags
  • Livestock feed burlap bags
  • Specialty nut burlap bags
  • Sack race burlap bags
  • Potato burlap bags
  • Biodegradable composting burlap bags
  • Rice burlap bags
  • Sugar burlap bags

Printed burlap bags are great for advertising your company information and for product recognition. We also provide the same custom sizing and great quality in plain bags.

Our knowledgeable customer service staff can assist you with questions regarding art work, design, colors and size.