Woven Ground Cover Fabrics for Weed Control

NYP Ground Cover Weed BlockThe biggest enemy in a yard is weeds. These noxious plants grow prolifically and steal nutrients from grass, flowers, shrubs and other landscaping foliage. Weeds can be removed by uprooting them or spraying them with herbicides but neither method is a practical, long term solution. It may be impossible to pull up all weeds in a large yard and the chemicals in herbicides have been found to pollute groundwater.

A safer and more effective way to control weeds is the use of a barrier cloth. NYP Corp. ground cover fabric is referred by several names, (weed block, weed barrier)  but it was designed with one purpose in mind; trap moisture in the soil and prevent weed growth. The cloth is constructed of synthetic materials that allow water and air to go through it while preventing the growth of weeds. The barrier works best when it is installed prior to planting but it can be utilized in an established yard, as well.

Weed barrier cloth is installed to cleared ground in a yard or garden space. It will work best at blocking weeds if it is placed as flat on the ground as possible. It can be secured using rocks, pegs or mulch. A knife can be used to cut openings for the landscaping plants. It is vital to make sure the openings are cut in the correct places as extra slits will make the barrier cloth less effective. When the planting is completed, all of the cloth should be covered with planting soil and topped off with mulch. Additional plants may be added later by moving the mulch and cutting a slit in the cloth, then planting as usual. This fabric is designed to withstand long periods of sunlight, resist damage from insects and wildlife, and allow water penetration.

When installed properly, a weed barrier cloth will provide an attractive yard for many years. It is a simple solution to a very common problem.  All NYP ground cover comes with a woven green stripe marker every 12” for guidance during installation or for lining potted plants.

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