Wire Nursery Baskets

NYP wirebasketIn addition to our high-quality burlap, twine, and rope nursery supplies provided here at NYP Corp, we also offer a wide variety of wire baskets. Our baskets are ideal for easily transporting and handling delicate or sandy root balls, making them an excellent option in addition to our twine and rope products and burlap liners. Our baskets will enable you to lift your tress by the roots instead of the trunks during transport and planting. The benefits of baskets help maintain the contact between your root ball and the soil, making for a healthier tree and a happier customer.

Because we’ve teamed up with the best in basket designers and wire manufacturers, we’re able to offer baskets that are durable, planter-friendly, and budget-conscious. In collaboration with BRAUN©, NYP has partnered with one of the industry’s most successful wire manufacturers to produce our excellent selection of wire baskets. Our NYP baskets offer the same level of durability you would expect from galvanized ring and loop baskets at a more affordable price.

One of our most recent offerings, which utilizes the innovative GW design, uses two continuous wires in the basket’s construction. This greatly improves each basket’s strength and durability compared to multiple-wired baskets while also maintaining a lower manufacturing and consumer cost.

All of our baskets are made in the US at our Tennessee and North Carolina facilities. Buying from NYP Corp. means supporting local business and American innovation, and it also means you’ll be able to find the right style in the right size. We offer Curved Vermeer, Rokor, Holmac/Pazzaglia, A.G.G.B , Clegg, Dutchman, and Holt styles in a variety of regular and short sizes.

We also offer six different styles of crimping tools. Our 24” T-style tool includes an end-slot opening for easy wire-grabbing, and our J-style hay-hooks range in size from 15”-22.”

Bulk discounts are also available. We also offer biodegradable, no-rot burlap to line your baskets. Our treated burlap extends the life of the material, assuring a healthy root ball and tree from the field to final planting. We also offer high-grade sisal twine and poly twines for all of your planting needs.

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