Wire Baskets & Trees – Remove the Wire Before Planting?

Wire Baskets & Trees – Remove the Wire Before Planting?

Wire baskets are commonly used by many nurseries to support a tree's root ball. They are also ideal for easily transporting and handling delicate or sandy root balls, making them an excellent option for anyone looking to try something new with their planting practices. This is because wire baskets enable you to lift your trees by the roots instead of the trunks while you are transporting and planting them.
However, the question that lingers in the minds of many people is whether or not the basket should be removed when planting, or even whether it should be used at all. Does the basket present harm for the tree? Or would stakes be better to use?

Studies have shown that wire baskets do very little harm, if any, to the tree at all. This is because the baskets are used for a specific purpose, and the benefits far outweigh any negativity that may arise.
Wire baskets are used to support the root ball of a tree, to keep it intact during the entire transportation and planting process. It also distributes the weight evenly and helps provide support for the tree while it becomes established in the ground. With a wire basket, the support is much more secure and stable than with stakes alone.

The basket helps to hold the root ball in place until it becomes firmly rooted. Attempts to remove the basket that are done inaccurately can result in damage to the tree's root system. Additionally, stakes can present harm to the tree if they are not removed before significant growth occurs. Unseen stakes and guy wires can also become hazards for mowers or those who might trip on them.

Research has been conducted to determine whether a wire basket presents any harm to a tree. The wire we use for our baskets is evenly spaced so that roots are able to grow through without being impeded. Over time, the roots grow around the wires on either side. It does not appear that the wires present any harm; water flow is not hindered, and roots are both sides receive the essential nutrients.

To ensure the full health of the tree, it is important to get the right basket, both in size and type. There are three main types to choose from. The original NYP basket offers quality manufacturing, featuring galvanized welding ring as well as loop baskets.

Our galvanized wire basket is manufactured right here in the US. Two continuous wires are used in the baskets construction to provide durability and structured support, but without raising costs. A Braun Horticulture partnership with NYP supplies the third basket type with its patented continuous wire design.

An incredibly important factor of our wire baskets, though, is their durability. In fact, our wire baskets offer the same level of durability you would expect from galvanized ring and loop baskets without the higher cost.

Each of our NYP nursery wire baskets is available in a wide selection of sizes as well as styles so that there is sure to be a wire tree basket for any given tree.

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