Wholesale Supplies for Every Nursery

Wholesale Supplies for Every Nursery

As your nursery grows, you need a wholesale nursery supplier that have product ready to ship. From treated and plain burlap, sisal and poly twine, wee barrier to our innovative wire baskets .NYP has been supporting nurseries throughout the US since 1946. With 6 locations, our products can reach your nursery in a short amount of time. NYP Corp has everything to keep your nursery growing. Browse some of our most popular products below:

Tree Wire Baskets

Our revolutionary “Diamond Tree Basket”™ is a nurserymen’s best friend!  It provides a continuous single wire construction, it conforms to the root ball, crimping is virtually eliminated and costs less. It’s a win-win. 

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Treated Burlap

Our rot-resistant, treated burlap doesn’t break down as quickly as plain burlap. This advantage prolongs the life of the material but is still biodegradable. Our bulk burlap comes in a variety of sizes and shaped including burlap squares, cone shaped burlap liners, rolled burlap and more.

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Wholesale Twine

A basic necessity of any nursery is twine, rope and strapping. Our twine includes a variety of choices including sisal twine (both natural and treated), binder twine, baler twine and more. Our extensive line of tying products offers flexibility in virtually any packaging scenario.

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Ground Covers

Our black, woven polypropylene fabric, also commonly referred to as weed barrier, conservation fabric, or week block, helps prevent the growth of weeds.  It’s also designed to   to tolerate extended periods of sunlight, resist insect and thwart wildlife damage.

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Shade Clothes

Unlike conventional woven polypropylene shade cloth, NYP carries lock-stitched knitted shade cloth.  The unique construction of our knitted material offers a multitude of benefits. A few benefits include no seams which eliminated weak points and its much lighter than traditional woven material.

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Tree Stakes

Our thick walled bamboo is great for today’s environmentally conscious buyer. The Tonkin Bamboo cane matures for harvesting quickly and requires no fertilizer or pesticides, and most importantly it’s 100% biodegradable. We inventory a vast quantity of assorted sizes.  We’re sure to have quality and quantity to meet your needs.

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Tree Guards

Protect your trees in the field with the NYP Tree Guard.  Our corrugated HDPE tree guards have UV Protection and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

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Other Nursery Products

In addition to our most popular wholesale nursery products listed about, we also carry the other necessities such as pinning nails, flagging tape, staples and more.

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