When Asked Paper or Plastic, Choose Jute Instead

NYP-Corp Biodegradable Shopping bagsNYP Corp. manufactures textile packaging of burlap, jute, paper, cotton, feed & grain bags and emergency sandbags, is very proud to introduce a truly earth-friendly alternative shopping bag made entirely of natural jute.

Did you know that the average plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate? Each day millions of shoppers across the globe purchase products from large chain or retail stores and carry them home in a plastic bag. Once home, that bag is often thrown away to begin centuries of degrading. Precious wild, plant and ocean life throughout the planet are being harmed or killed from the toxic chemicals released when plastic begins to break down. Investing a small amount of money into a jute bag is a smart move not only environmentally, but economically as well.

It’s a natural crop that is 100% biodegradable. One modestly priced jute bag can last longer than a thousand standard plastic bags; which yields a significant impact to Mother Nature. Bags made from Jute are thin and strong. They can withstand the same amount of wear and tear as a plastic bag can while easily supporting more weight. Ideal for all shoppers, its material is stylish and can be used whether you are at the mall or the local market picking up some produce. Locally and nationally owned businesses are also beginning to offer discounts to shoppers who supply their own and biodegradable bags during checkout.

Once you have unloaded your purchases, the bag bag can be easily folded up to fit unobtrusively in your purse for next time. By using jute, you are not only helping the environment but fellow human beings as well.  Because it’s a strong and fast growing crop, farmers can count on the crop to flourish financially. Has your current jute bag reached the end of its life? Feel confident when recycling the bag. Once the degrading process has begun, jute replenishes the soil with valuable nutrients.

As scientists uncover more information regarding the state of our environment and human habits, the need for green products is undeniable. A big change in your lifestyle or budget is not necessary to reduce your carbon footprint. Small steps like switching from plastic to jute are a great step towards a healthier Earth for our children and generations to come.

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