Uses for Agricultural Burlap Bags

How to Use Filled Sandbags to Protect Your Home & Business

In the agricultural industry, there is no match for burlap bags in terms of durability and price. The plain fact is the rough and tumble nature of this industry requires something more than your average department store bag can provide. That's why we make bags from materials, like cotton, burlap, or even woven propylene. With all of our options, you can choose which type of agricultural bag is right for your business.


Who Uses Our Burlap Bags?

You might be surprised. On any given day, you might see our agricultural burlap bags holding wood chips at your local nursery. Or they could be branded animal feed bags or food storage bags at a local ranch.

They could even be the bag of mulch that your local landscape professional uses. Basically, any industry professional who needs a customized promotional bag of a more rustic nature may look to burlap to create this piece.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at the different types of businesses or industries that use bags made of burlap:

  • The military: These personnel use sandbags made of burlap.
  • Specialty retail stores, coffee or nut shops: The brand specifications for some retail stores or coffee shops require more rustic materials, like burlap.
  • Landscaping industry: We can make biodegradable bags to hold saplings, compost and other landscaping materials.
  • Ranching and agricultural: Our bags are used for everything from feed bags to seed bags.


Why Agricultural Burlap Bags?

The agricultural industry has long used bags made of burlap, because they’re biodegradable, organic, sustainable and durable. Aside from that, because we keep bulk textiles in stock, we can immediately start working to fulfill your order.

In short, our burlap bags are made to fit the custom specifications given to us by our clients. Our textiles are very affordable and easy to print on. further, our design professionals can custom cut burlap bags and then print them with your insignia to make them match your brand.

Here are some of the reasons why business owners like to order from us:

  • No order is too small: We can do custom prints and sizes, regardless of the size of the order.
  • We can add draw cords, tie strings or draw tape and even velcro to the bags to make them easy to close.
  • We can sew on labels and tags to ensure that your brand stays solid.
  • Our professionals can add a filling valve to your burlap bag.
  • We can moisture proof your bag by adding liners to it.
  • Our bags are made with lock and chain stitching as well as a number of thread colors and seam types.


Let Us Help You

Whether you need a custom coffee bag for your specialty coffee shop, a seed storage bag with a drawstring for your organic farm or an animal feed bag to keep your horse (or horses) fed, you can count on us.

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