Uses for Various Types of Sandbags

Uses for Various Types of Sandbags

Tropical storms can be catastrophic in certain areas. Storm waters need to be redirected to prevent debris from flowing into personal living spaces. The use of sandbags can be beneficial in times of tropical storms. There are various types and uses for these types of bags, and one of the best features is their self-closing fill valves. Some are preferred over others during certain circumstances. 

It is important to remember that whenever you are researching the best fit, you want to be sure that the bags can be custom fitted for the area they will be used in. It is also best to choose the correct materials and weights, and you need to consider the length of time or number of uses needed. Sandbags can also be custom printed to display various adds for your business. No matter what the use, you want to be sure to choose a sandbag that won't rip or tear when filled. Let's review some of the uses. 

Sandbags for Flood Control
Flood control is just one situation where these types of bags are used. They can also be used as firewalls, traction weights, by military forces for defensive purposes, to secure demolition bunkers and for reinforcement of dams and dikes. A sandbag can also be used to secure or mark a street or highway sign. Officials have also used them to control large crowds, prevent detrimental erosion and excessive water runoff. The uses are endless. 

A sandbag can be coated with materials such as burlap, acrylic, polypropylene, pipeline. A filled sandbag includes 45 pounds of fill sand per skid. These types of bags are ready and can be quickly shipped to various places. The empty of pre-filled bags are more suited for crowd control, firewall protection and flood prevention. 

Treated burlap sandbags are resistant to rotting and decay. Polypropylene bags are also a popular choice because they are durable and lightweight. A bulk sandbag is better suited for flood protection and more permanent projects. They are typically light in color, woven with polypropylene and have duffle tops. The tops can be closed once they are filled. These bags are also made with four-point loop straps that lift easily for flexibility. 

If nothing else, we hope this information helps to remind about the various important uses for the sandbag. They can be vital during some natural disasters. A sandbag should not be used just one time. Before you decide on which sandbag you will need, it is wise to check out available options.

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