Three Primary Flood Types: Their Dangers and Damages

Flood Protection by Using Emergency SandbagsFloods have been a natural affliction of the human race since long before biblical times; nature has gifted them with the potential power to wipe out entire towns, villages, and families. They have been recorded in almost every culture’s historical documents as destroyers of homes and livelihoods.

In order to truly understand the devastating impact of these watery natural disasters and how to protect a home against them, it is essential to have knowledge of the different types of floods that could potentially be encountered.

Flash Floods

This type of flood is among the most infamous of natural disasters for reaping havoc on homes and other properties. They can come without any true warning, and can easily wipe out the most grounded buildings. Flash floods occur when heavy rainfall reaches its peak, and the flood can form within a matter of hours or even minutes. The water level rises fast due to the high amount of rainfall, and is usually restricted to a smaller area than other types of floods- however, in the area that this flood occurs, its water level can reach unspeakable peaks.

Urban Floods

Urban flooding is just one of the many consequences of modern human society; in areas that have a high concentration of roads and other paved areas, water is not as easily absorbed during heavy rainfall. Due to this, floods can occur quite easily in urban areas that lack the drainage power to absorb the water. Urban floods are one of humanity’s most primary concerns due to the fact that these locations often have a high population of homes and families, and therefore have more potential for damage. Preventing a large amount of damage can be eliminated by the use of flood sandbags.

Coastal Floods

Coastal floods only occur, quite obviously, in areas that have coasts. After a storm reaches the uppermost height of its severity, it can push the waves of the sea up and cause a coastal flood. Essentially, the waves almost look as if they are “attacking” the shores of the coast, which can cause quite a state of righteous panic. Follow the Hurricane Forecast, allows homeowners to predict ans prepare for coastal flooding.

If one has a coastal home or shack, coastal floods are one of the chief natural disaster concerns in regards to home protection. Sandbags, which will be discussed later in the article, are often used to protect homes against the fiercest of these and other floods. Lately, coastal cities across America’s seashores have been under an increased amount of attacks in recent years, learn more about the dangers of Coastal Flooding and how homeowners and businesses can add protection.

Although there are several other types of floods that can alter the path of the human race, these three floods are of the most primary concern for humans who want to protect their homes against flooding. Emergency sandbags are a common method to protect a home against flooding, as they are quite heavy and can help assist against heavy flood damage. If one wishes to protect his or her home from flooding, sandbags would certainly be a worthwhile investment.

In addition to providing just the bags, NYP emergency sandbags are available pre-filled with a nominal 45lbs of Class “A” sand and sealed closed with a steel clip or steel wire tie ready for any flooding condition.

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