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NYP Corp Provides Wholesale Nursery Supplies

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NYP CorpNYP Corp leader in Wholesale Nursery Supplies provides quality wholesale products for all your nursery needs. They have been supplying superior nursery products since 1946 and know what it takes to make your business profitable.

They are a wholesale manufacture company that offers the best products available in large discounts from their six locations.


Nursery Supplies – Wire Baskets

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Nursery Supplies - Wire BasketsTree roots need protection until the tree is planted. The balled and burlap method avoids most root damage. The method holds the roots and soil in place and makes transplanting easier.

The technique improved over the past decade. Tree roots balled and burlapped, with biodegradable, no-rot burlap, are now placed in a wire basket. The baskets do little or no harm to a tree and are planted right along with the roots. NYP Corp delivers exceptional and affordable wire baskets to nurserymen.


Wire Baskets – Remove Before Planting?

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NYP-Corp Tree Wire BasketsNYP Corp. has proudly served America’s nursery growers with quality burlap, twine, shade clothes,  and wire baskets. Wire baskets are commonly used by many nurseries to support a tree’s root ball. The question that lingers in the minds of many people, however, is whether the basket should be removed when planting, or even whether it should be used at all. Does the basket present harm for the tree? Or would stakes be better to use?


Wire Nursery Baskets

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NYP wirebasketIn addition to our high-quality burlap, twine, and rope nursery supplies provided here at NYP Corp, we also offer a wide variety of wire baskets. Our baskets are ideal for easily transporting and handling delicate or sandy root balls, making them an excellent option in addition to our twine and rope products and burlap liners. Our baskets will enable you to lift your tress by the roots instead of the trunks during transport and planting. The benefits of baskets help maintain the contact between your root ball and the soil, making for a healthier tree and a happier customer.