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How to Use Burlap Bags in the Garden

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Burlap Bales and Burlap Rolls for GardensHave you noticed how neighbors gardens have been growing nice this year?

Look closely…neighbors who have burlap in the garden on to something. The loosely woven fabric is now a staple for many gardeners due to its versatility. Burlap is entirely biodegradable and extremely versatile, it could be of use in growing vegetables in your garden.

NYP-Corp  manufactures and distributes an assortment of burlap, including burlap bales and rolls related products for any horticultural, agricultural, or industrial requirement. Read more on burlap and exactly how it works with your garden.


Preparing Your Garden for Spring

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Protect your Garden from Weeds Using Ground Covers and BurlapThe planting season is here, and it’s time to get your garden ready for Spring. Maintaining a healthy garden requires hard work from start to finish, but there are a few ways you can reduce the usual problems associated with caring for a home garden. NYP Corp provides wholesale nursery supplies from six locations including landscape supplies, burlap and other supplies to meet the needs of gardeners.


Woven Ground Cover Fabrics for Weed Control

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NYP Ground Cover Weed BlockThe biggest enemy in a yard is weeds. These noxious plants grow prolifically and steal nutrients from grass, flowers, shrubs and other landscaping foliage. Weeds can be removed by uprooting them or spraying them with herbicides but neither method is a practical, long term solution. It may be impossible to pull up all weeds in a large yard and the chemicals in herbicides have been found to pollute groundwater.