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How to Correctly Dispose Sandbags After Flooding

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NYP Emergency SandbagsWhile sandbags are valuable tools to help hold back water and protect people and property, they come with their own problems once the flood has subsided. Some emergency sandbags can retain water for a period of time. Because they naturally trap collect contaminants and animal waste from the floodwaters, sandbags can quickly become a nuisance and a breeding ground for bacteria if not disposed of properly.


Correctly Creating a Sandbag Wall

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Correctly Measuring for a Sandbag WallAs rain storms are increasing , flooding is going to be a problem again for certain areas. If your property is located in a potential flood zone or if it is prone to intermittent flooding, then creating sandbags may be in order. Sandbags are used to make a temporary dike so that flood waters will be diverted around an area and prevent or minimize water damage. Not knowing how to correctly build a sandbag wall can be catastrophic.