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Erosion Control Fabric Jute Matting

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NYP Corporation Jute MattingIf you are looking for erosion control fabric, Jute Matting is an all-natural biodegradable fiber that can be woven into a groundcover cloth or net used to reduce the effects of erosion.
Jute matting is suitable for both residential and commercial uses, environmentally friendly and easy to install.


How to Use Burlap Bags in the Garden

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Burlap Bales and Burlap Rolls for GardensHave you noticed how neighbors gardens have been growing nice this year?

Look closely…neighbors who have burlap in the garden on to something. The loosely woven fabric is now a staple for many gardeners due to its versatility. Burlap is entirely biodegradable and extremely versatile, it could be of use in growing vegetables in your garden.

NYP-Corp  manufactures and distributes an assortment of burlap, including burlap bales and rolls related products for any horticultural, agricultural, or industrial requirement. Read more on burlap and exactly how it works with your garden.


Woven Polypropylene and Burlap Spiral Tubing

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Spiral TubingIf you need woven spiral tubing, then you need to contact us.  As the only US bag manufacturer of flexible packaging product, with over 50 years of company experience, we can be sure that our time-tested product will perfectly meet your needs. As well as woven polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications), our spiral tubing is available in heavy 7oz and extra heavy 10oz burlap.

This variety means whatever your packaging specifications are, our spiral tubing can give you the wrapping protection you need, and at the right price.


Flood Safety Awareness Week March 18 – 22

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NYP Corp Provides Sandbags for Food ProtectionFlooding occurs every month of the year and affects all regions of the country. People are generally more concerned with tornadoes, hurricanes and even snowstorms than flooding even though flash floods cause more deaths than any other weather related event. Educating citizens about various aspects of flooding  is the primary goal of Flood Safety Awareness Week.

The National Weather Service (NWS) created Flood Safety Awareness Week to increase the public’s understanding of the causes of floods, inform them of the NWS’s role in forecasting and issuing flood warnings and educate them on how to protect themselves and their property. Flood Safety Awareness Week takes place each March with varying local events and programming.


Flooding is #1 Most Common Natural Hazard in the U.S.

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Sandbags can Help Protect Properties from FloodingIn terms of the cost and number of people affected, floods are the primary natural hazard in the United States. A single flood incident can cause billions of dollars in damages and displace thousands of people. Floods can destroy homes, businesses, and infrastructure, and kill humans, livestock, and other animals in their path. Structures which survive the flood itself may be damaged beyond repair. In 2011, 33 states were affected by some degree of flooding. Total damages for 2011 exceeded $8 billion dollars and over 100 people were killed.


Different Types of Sandbags

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NYP-Corp SandbagsWhen there are catastrophic storms, such as the recent Sandy tropical storm, it’s essential to be aware of the various sandbags available. You may be curious as to what the different types of sandbags there are, as well as all their many uses, below is an overview of sandbags and their uses. When you’re looking for sandbags, you want to have the option of getting these custom sized. You may also require add printing. The most useful sandbags are those with self-closing filling valves, as well. And because every need is a little different, it’s necessary to have assorted material constructions and weights at your disposal. (more…)