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Be Prepared This Flood Season with a Flood Safety Kit

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Creating a Flood Safety KitTropical Storm Andrea was the first names storm this Hurricane season.  Rain has been heavy this year with flooding becoming a big concern across the U.S. for homeowners.

Are you prepared if this happens to you? Be prepared to try to hold back the flood waters by using filled sandbags, such as emergency sandbags available from NYP Corp.

By buying pre-filled sandbags you save valuable time by not having to find and fill bags yourself. Read a previous blog and learn how to protect your home from flooding this year.


Emergency Necessities for Natural Disasters

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Flood Emergency Safety KitNatural disasters such as flooding is unpredictable. (Read What Causes Flooding) We have to be prepared to safeguard ourselves, families and property. It isn’t something we like to talk about, but “in case of emergency”, below are some items to include for the emergencies that we hope never happen to us.