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Innovative, New Jute and Fiber Products Rediscovered

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Quick History

For many centuries, jute has been traditionally used for the manufacturing of woven fabrics, ropes, nets, and yarns in order to package other materials. Hessian fabric, also known as burlap in the US and Canada is made from the skin of jute plants or sisal fibers and other vegetable fibers.burlap

It originated in India for rope and paper production, then the English brought it to Britain and the Scottish made it into yarn. Bangladesh and India are the world’s largest producers of Burlap today with close competition from China, Myanmar, Brazil, and Thailand.

Jute is largely grown in the Ganges delta where climates are warm and humid and there are 2-3 inches of rainfall per week. Two varieties include plants related to hibiscus and cotton. The outer stem of the plant goes through a process called retting where they are soaked and broken down into workable fibers. The fibers are woven into dense fabrics that are strong, flexible, biodegradable, and extensively recycled due to their various uses.

For a long time, the use of jute and other fiber products were declining due to new synthetic technologies, but recently there has been a surge to return to these products for new innovative and environmentally conscious reasons.

Natural Fabrics

Geotextiles and technical textiles are made of jute matting, coconut coir, straw, and wood fiber materials that absorb moisture, maintain flexibility and drain well. This makes them perfect for agricultural, structural, and civil engineering.

Burlap Weaving

Highway Construction

When large quantities of the earth are moved it creates bare slopes and hillsides that easily erode. Temporary protective barriers made with plant fibers are installed to stop erosion while still allowing vegetation to grow for a more permanent solution of grass, plants, trees and rocks.

Environmental Emergencies

When it comes to natural disasters like landslides, floods and fires, sandbags are used to protect against moving soil, water, and extinguishing chemicals, then naturally disintegrate over time. They are inexpensive enough for use in developing countries.

Other Uses

Some other uses of raw fiber like jute are used for composites, insulation, soil layer separation, pond construction, rope to secure trees, camouflage nets, and shading.

Not all geotextiles are made of natural products so be sure to ask when looking for supplies. There are three types:

        • Non-woven for drainage, stabilization, and filtering
        • Woven for road construction, under rip rap, for heavy erosion on embankments and steep slopes
        • Coir for sediment control and bio-engineering in short-term applications.

Whether you are preparing for a major commercial project or doing some landscaping at home, burlap and other jute matting and materials are durable and versatile products that get the job done without harming the environment or requiring removal when you are done. The long history of plant fiber products and their clever and practical uses has been rediscovered.

Preparing Your Garden for Spring

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Protect your Garden from Weeds Using Ground Covers and BurlapThe planting season is here, and it’s time to get your garden ready for Spring. Maintaining a healthy garden requires hard work from start to finish, but there are a few ways you can reduce the usual problems associated with caring for a home garden. NYP Corp provides wholesale nursery supplies from six locations including landscape supplies, burlap and other supplies to meet the needs of gardeners.


Protect Plants in Summer with Burlap

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Protecting Plants from Hot Sun With BurlapIntense summer sun is not good, for people, animals, or plants. Hot days rob the Earth of moisture and dry the tender leaves of even the most sun-friendly plants. Plants, which are new to the garden, are the most vulnerable to sun damage. The sun rapidly robs young plants of stored water, scorching their tender leaves and making photosynthesis impossible.


How to Plant a Burlapped Tree

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NYP Burlapped TreeSpring isn’t too far away and it’s an excellent time of year for planting ball and burlapped trees. These are trees that have been dug out of the ground and their roots have been wrapped in burlap. Natural burlap will rot away after planting, causing no disturbance to the roots.


Burlap Winter Protection

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Burlap Rolls used For Winter Protection When it comes to protecting your plants, the winter months can be especially challenging. From cold temperatures to freezing precipitation, your flowers, trees and shrubs can take a beating. It’s important to know how to properly prevent damage to your plant investments by using burlap.


Burlap – The Breathable Plant and Tree Wrap

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Burlap Root BallNYP has proudly served gardeners, landscapers and nurserymen with high quality burlap for their agricultural and nursery supplies since the 1950’s. They all love the use of  burlap as it offers a variety of  functions.  It not only protects tender roots of plants and trees from damage in handling, but it also allows oxygen to keep roots fresh and live.