Sun Protection Using Burlap and Canvas Shade Screens
Sun Protection Using Burlap & Canvas Shade Screens

You can use shade cloth made from cotton-based material or burlap for practically anything! You can protect your plants in your agricultural settings or home gardens with shade mesh. This substance prevents your plants from being exposed to too much sunlight, but it also allows your plants to receive rain water. Shade cloth protects your plants against the wind and the sun.

If you set up and take down a temporary cloth on a regular basis, you could try a permanent shade screen instead. You will be able to find them in every size and color, but if you need a specific shape, you can have yours custom made.

At Home…

A great place for a shade cloth is your patio. During the summer, they provide you with protection against extreme heat and the sun's ultraviolet rays. The temperature inside your home will be lower because the screen will keep direct sunlight from entering through your windows. It will also hide your pool and yard from the prying eyes of your neighbors. You can use the shade for umbrellas, gazebo covers, play areas and screening in your porches.

While Camping…

You can create a clean space for camping when you place a heavy tarp that will offer you privacy and shelter. These tarps are treated to be UV- and water-resistant in order to prevent the elements from disturbing your stay, but they also make great covers for any equipment that you need to protect with heavy-duty cloths. You can find them in all sizes, weights, colors and for all uses, and you can easily install them and take them down.

For Livestock and Pets…

Your dogs and other animals in their dog kennels and runs, chicken coops and small cages will be safe from the elements with burlap or canvas; it also provides shade for livestock in the pasture. These materials are water-resistant and sturdy, but you can easily repair them with water-resistant cement when needed.

For Athletic Fields…

Dugouts and bleachers also need these outdoor cloths to keep spectators in the shade at tennis courts and other athletic fields. They also prevent the wind from blowing onto spectators and the field when they are placed around the area's fences. They protect people from all of the usual dangers, but they also look great!

UVA and UVB rays will be blocked with canvas and burlap screens, but they don't allow the air to become stagnant. They also let rain come in, but pools of water never develop. You will mount these screens with prepared squares, triangles and rolls.

Proper Care of Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is made to last for years, but this is only if you take proper care of them. The material is made from fiber that is naturally strong, but tears may develop. When they do, you must have them repaired right away because they tend to spread. If you do not pitch your tarp in the correct manner, mold and mildew will grow as it is exposed to water over the years. Apply a finish coating on your canvas because this will protect against the sun's UV rays and prevent mildew from proliferating.

When you aren't using the shade cloth, wipe it until it is entirely dry and clean. Place it in a dry area where it will not be touched by the outside elements to increase its life span.

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