Be Prepared for Hurricane Season with Burlap Sandbags

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season with Burlap Sandbags

As everyone knows, the Atlantic hurricane season starts in June and ends toward the end of November. Depending on the type of climate factors that may affect the ocean water and air temperatures over the next couple of months, the season tends to be very unpredictable, which is why it is imperative for you to be prepared for flooding.

Each year, flooding causes massive property damage all over the world. Newer structures and homes are less prone to flooding due to new building protocols. Older construction, on the other hand, is still quite vulnerable to damage. There has been increased interest throughout the world in finding cost-effective, practical ways to reduce hurricane damage and flooding from overflowing streams, rivers and tidal surges.

Some of these solutions include elevating the ground floor above flood level to keep living space dry by modifying existing buildings with water-tight wall and floor systems, constructing berms and floodwall barriers to redirect water, and limiting new construction within existing flood plains.

While these practices will help, burlap sandbags are often used to redirect water and construct barriers to prevent major flood damage. When stacked and filled properly, burlap sandbags also prevent erosion from multiple storms, which can compound the initial damage by leaving weakened soil behind. Debris can prevent water from flowing, which can cause floodwater to rise to higher than expected levels. Sandbags keep debris clear from drainage systems, which can significantly reduce flood levels. They can even be used to seal sewer lines, which can prevent backflow from entering a building.

Bio-Friendly Tools Embrace Nature

Floodplains are not meant to be altered much, if at all. They control erosion and flooding naturally by diverting and storing water, which can reduce the pace of water flow. They also maintain a balance that supports local wildlife by filtering debris and nutrients from runoff. Floodplains provide us with beautiful places to enjoy and study nature, which is why we must respect and work with our environment instead of mistreating it. We should always try to use the eco-friendly resources that are available to us to prepare for floods that are caused by heavy rainfall from hurricanes, tropical storms, and coastal storms. If we don’t, our manmade settings will suffer as a result.

You can work with the natural flow of the land’s water by letting it pass through an uninhabited living space or an elevated structure, or by redirecting it temporarily around the property so it will return to its natural course. Burlap sandbags are made from simple plant fibers and can be left to biodegrade. They can be filled with sand or clean soil and are often reused multiple times. Unlike walls of stone and wood which eventually fail, a sandbag’s materials are flexible and can withstand changes in water pressure. Because the empty bags take up a small amount of space, they can be filled onsite on an as-needed basis.

Stock up on sandbags today and make sure that you have a plan in place long before flooding occurs. The bags will give you peace of mind by shielding your home against flood hazards and mold, which will save you thousands of dollars in damage down the road.

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