Prepare for Spring Flooding with Sandbags

Prepare for Spring Flooding with Sandbags

When you look at it from the vantage point of dollars and cents and the number of people impacted, floods are the number one natural hazard in the US today. All it takes is one flood to cause billions of dollars in damage. It can leave thousands of people without a home.

Floods damage affect every aspect of life, including homes, businesses, and infrastructure. They take human and animals lives. Even if a structure survives a flood, the damage it has sustained may be beyond repair.
In some parts of the country, they have designed buildings to withstand flooding. Still, this protection is not absolute. Meteorologists can predict floods with greater accuracy, but it is not uncommon for floods to spring up with little to no notice. Polypropylene sandbags have been used successfully as a barrier to protect homes. These can protect your business and other property that could sustain flood damage.

The Number One Cause of Flooding

Flooding can wreak havoc on homeowners, so homeowners should be prepared. NYP-Corp is a manufacturer that produces a wide range of sandbags, including burlap sandbags and polypropylene sandbags. If you do not properly protect your home, your business, or your possessions, floodwaters can come in and destroy them. The situation gets worse if floodwaters are full of bacteria and toxins.
There are several causes of flooding. However, only a few can lead to major floods. A massive flood that affects a large city or suburban area is usually the result of weather changes. When there is massive rainfall in an area for an extended period of time, flooding can and often occurs. We refer to this kind of flooding as surface water flooding. This happens because the drainage system in the city cannot handle excess water. Surface water flooding may result in sewer flooding. This is where contaminated water from the sewer floods a region.
Parts of the country with heavy snowfall may have flooding during the spring thaw. The combination of melting snow and spring rains can also lead to flooding. Because of all of this water pooling together, large bodies of water, like rivers and lakes, can be affected. Floods can happen quickly and with little warning. The real-time flood condition map of United States river basins can be beneficial as it tracks and monitors flooded areas.
Areas with aquifers may experience flooding if the aquifers become overwhelmed. In these circumstances, water may rise from the ground below and flood the surface land above. Homeowners who live in lower areas can prepare by purchasing bags of sand to create a barrier for plant protection.
Those who live by the coast may experience flooding during powerful storms that start over the ocean. When an ocean hits high tide, this could also cause flooding. NYP-Corp has emergency sandbags in-stock to help homeowners and business owners protect their property from damage from a severe flood.

Flood Preparedness

Being prepared for and alert to hazards is important when dealing with floods. The first step is finding out if you live in a flood prone area. Flood maps are great resources to show areas that have been flooded in the past and are likely to receive heavy flooding in the future. If you live near a floodplain, lay out your evacuation route and prepare emergency measures, including having sandbags available. Whether they are made of polypropylene, acrylic, or fabric, sandbags can protect your property and your belongings. Bags that are pre-filled with sand can be easily and quickly placed around your property if there is an emergency flood.
NYP-Corp has millions of emergency sandbags ready to be distributed in the event of a flood. These bags are pre-filled sandbags and are permanently closed using stainless steel wire ties.

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