Snowmelt Causes Flooding

Flood Protection with NYP Corp Sandbags

With spring just around the corner and the snow beginning to melt, the risk of basement or property floods from snowmelt significantly increases. Flooding can cause massive structural damage to homes or other buildings, and mold and other disease-causing bacteria thrive on wet dry wall or submerged carpet.

Protect Your Property

Protecting homes against snowmelt should be the number-one priority for all building owners. NYP Corp produces and distributes a full line of Military and commercial grade sandbags ideal for protecting against rising flood waters.

What is Snowmelt?

Snowmelt is the surface runoff created as the snow begins to melt. As temperatures begin to rise during early spring, the snow, which has accumulated all through the winter months, can melt rapidly and can potentially cause massive flooding. At least eight significant floods of the 20th century were caused by snowmelt; for example, the Red River Flood of 1997 caused more than 500 million dollars of damage in North Dakota and Minnesota. While snowmelt does not occur at such a large scale very often, it does occur yearly in localized areas, and can devastate a business or homeowner.

What Areas does Snowmelt Affect?

Any area that sees a large amount of snow during the winter can suffer from snowmelt flooding. In particular, the northern U.S. states are most likely to accumulate snow throughout the winter, which will then begin to melt all at once. The New England states and the Midwest often have high risks of snowmelt flooding as the snow starts to melt, and areas located in low elevations in western states may see increased snowmelt due to rising climate temperatures. Rapid snowmelt also puts any property near lakes and rivers at risk, as an influx of melting snow can swell the water levels above the natural banks. Floods can strike quickly, track and monitor your area with the flood risk map provided by the US Geological Survey.

Preparing Property against Flood Damage with Sandbags

During flooding emergencies, sandbags can be used to help prevent flood damage to homes or commercial buildings. When the risk of flooding rises, NYP Corp has emergency sandbags that are ready for deployment at a moment’s notice from any of their six locations. These emergency sandbags are professionally pre-filled and permanently sealed, and are ready to be used to protect property immediately upon arrival.

Property owners located in areas that tend to flood each spring can also be prepared with pre-filled or empty sandbags that can be made from a number of materials, and can be made in custom sizing for any type of property.

When flooding is imminent, NYP Corp can help by offering immediate assistance and dispatching emergency sandbags for residential or commercial flood protection.

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