Shade Cloth for a Vegetable Garden

NYP Corp Shade Cloth Protect GardensHot summer sun can be brutal on a tender vegetable garden. Plants and vegetables can literally become sunburned and soils dry out. To protect plants and vegetables from the damaging effects of the sun, wise gardeners use shade cloth. NYP Corp has six locations in the U.S. offering wholesale nursery supplies, including lock-stitched knitted shade cloth that remain intact after trimming to a desired size, no wrinkles during installation, and will not ravel or fray.

What is Shade Cloth?

Shade cloth is a simple knit or woven fabric designed to reduce the amount of sun that reaches the vegetable bed. Shade cloths come in a variety of colors and densities depending upon the amount of sun to be blocked and what vegetables need protection. Easy to use, they can raise the production of your garden and reduce your irrigating and fertilizing costs. It’s also useful in defending your vegetable patch from attack by insects and birds.

Using Shade Cloth

To use shade cloth, first determine how much sun is needed by each type of vegetable. Some plants require full sun, such as peppers and tomatoes. Others do well with a little less sun, including lettuce, spinach, cauliflower and most beans. Seedlings and recently transplanted starters do best with reduced sun until they are established. Sun damage can result in wilted or burned leaves, bitter tasting leafy vegetables and cause plants to “bolt” or go to seed prematurely.

A shade cloth with a 10% percent density is perfect for sun-loving plants, 30% density cloth is best for more sun sensitive plants. This weight of cloth can also provide some protection from the desiccating effects of wind. Cloth of 40% percent or more is good for green house applications. Light colored shade cloth will reflect more of the sun’s rays and heat, but expect higher temperatures under darker shade cloth. During the hot summer months, most herb and vegetable garden plants require 40% to 60% percent protection from the sun. Orchids and similar exotic plants require a higher percentage of protection, which may begin around 70% percent.

Once you’ve chosen the density appropriate for your plants, installing is simple. To make your installation even easier, NYP Corp offers the plastic locking clip grommet. The clipping grommets require NO TOOLS and locks into the position of your choice, thus creating the ideal tie down point for your shade cloth.  Other options include suspending above the plants using either wood, metal or plastic framing. It can also be hung between two trees or poles. To provide air circulation, be sure there is at least 24 inches between the plants and the cloth. Continue to check the height of this space as the plants grow. Shade cloth should be removed in the evening to allow for greater air circulation. Most shade cloth will last several years if used during the normal growing season and then rolled up until the next year.

NYP Corp manufactures textile packaging of burlap, jute, paper, cotton, feed & grain bags and emergency sandbags in bulk and sells them wholesale. Contact NYP Corp as they will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct size and percent of shade for your greenhouse. Be sure to remember the ground cover for your hoop-houses.

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