Sandbags Used to Protect Your Home From Flooding

Sandbags Used to Protect Properties from FloodingFloods are the number one cause of damage to private property in the United States. With a potentially wet spring and summer ahead, it is critical for you to act now to protect your property from floodwater damage.

You can use several techniques to protect your home and minimize the destruction and costs of repairs. Some of these methods are simple and only require a small investment in money, time and material.

NYP Corp provides sandbags, emergency sandbags and pre-filled sandbags in stock ready to help business owners and homeowners properly protect their property from severe flood damage.

Protect the Basement

Floods are serious and everyone needs to prepare for a flood by protecting their property before it begins. One of the first ways to ready your home for a flood is to inspect basement windows. Look for gaps between the frame and the window that will allow floodwater to pour into the basement. Repair these gaps or buy replacement windows. Protect any basement window that is partly sunken below the ground with window-well cover and a raised barrier around the sunken area.

Windows are not the only way water can get into the basement. Check your basement walls to make sure that they have no obvious damage such as cracks or loose mortar. If you find any damage, repair it with waterproof concrete compound or hire a foundation repair expert.

Make sure that you have a working sump pump. It should have enough power to keep the basement dry during extended periods of soaking rain and flooding. Consider buying a battery backup unit in case of power failure.

Keep the Water Away

The surest way of protecting your home from the destructive force of floodwater is to raise it above the level of the highest potential flood. While this is probably the most effective protection you can provide for your home, it is not always economically feasible or even possible.

A much more reasonable and affordable solution is to have sandbags protecting the perimeter of your home. Sandbags effectively prevent water from entering a home when they have been properly filled and placed. The best types to use are commercial-grade sandbags made from burlap or polypropylene. Contact NYP Corp and speak to a representative as they provide a variety of sandbags that are compact and easy to store until they are needed.

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