Rising Sea Levels Seen as a Threat to Coastal U.S.

Dangers of Coastal FloodingThinking about natural disasters may bring up news stories from around the world, but coastal cities across America’s seashores have been under increased attack in recent years. Climate Central, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans fight back against the threat of rising sea levels, has published alarming statistics about the rising odds of damaging floods from coastal storm surges attacking America’s shores. Smart consumers are urged to purchase emergency sandbags now to prevent massive property damage in the future.

According to Climate Central, global sea levels have risen 8 inches since 1880, and are predicted to rise another 2 to 7 more feet before 2100. Island nations across the Pacific will be swallowed completely by the sea in the next few decades, and coastal land across the globe will face increased flooding and damage. Recent statistics has found that 5 million people and 2.6 million homes are too close to high tide levels to be safe.  The state with the most people at-risk is Florida, but California, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, and other coastal states are also vulnerable.

According to the New York Times, insurance companies stopped offering flood insurance decades ago. Federal and state governments offer insurance pools, but resources at these agencies are heavily strained. Property owners’ best bet is to protect their own belongings with emergency sandbags. Sandbags can create a solid wall that turns back turbulent ocean waters and prevents property damage. Because sand is a flowing material, it will flow into any cracks in the wall, creating a solid dike, that prevents water from passing through and damaging property.

It’s recommend when building a sandbag dike, that is at least one foot higher than the flood’s greatest height and using a width three times the total height. This translates to a need for hundreds or thousands of sandbags, depending on the length of the dike. Follow additional steps in creating an effective flood sandbag wall, by reading our previous post. In an emergency, government officials will be scrambling to provide such a large quantity of bags to everyone who needs them. Commercial or residential properties may be sacrificed for community needs. Home and business owners in vulnerable areas should purchase their own sandbags to ensure their property will be fully protected.

NYP Corp realizes to effectively prevent flooding involves massive planning and effort. It’s imperative that you carefully organize a plan and have expert help when constructing the dike. NYP-Corp offers an emergency hotline and an online guide on how to properly use sandbags for flood protection.

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