Hunting for Reusable Jute and Polyethylene Livestock and Deer Corn Bags

blog1-1Even without any added chemicals, jute fibers create cloth, like burlap, that resist water damage, clean up easily, take little additional care, and are reusable. Manmade fabric can contain some natural materials, but the synthetic parts are usually derived from petrochemicals to manufacture fibers like polyethylene.

Jute and Polyethylene fibers are used to create different types of bags from burlap and poly shell lined burlap, to synthetic polyethylene bags. Both woven and mesh materials     are used for livestock feed bags and deer corn bags. They are environmentally friendly – either biodegradable and/or recyclable – and once they are empty, that can be used for     other practical and recreational activities around the farm.

Hunting Season

Take deer corn bags into the woods during deer season to fill feeders, bring the empty bags home and paint a target on them, then fill with sand for target practice in the offseason. You can find them pre-printed for this purpose. Burlap bags, roll out cloth, and mesh, are also perfect for your hunting blinds. Reused deer corn bags and feed bags already have an intoxicating scent to lure the deer. Natural heavy grade burlap and jute tarps are great for camouflaging deer stands, duck, and turkey blinds. The organic odor of new burlap will not be detected by the wildlife as an unusual smell. It gets cold out there too, so use burlap bags and rolls to insulate and block the wind to stay warm.


Hunting Tips:

Deer corn bags should be filled with corn and grain designed for livestock consumption and contain protein, fat, and fiber to meet nutritional standards. Deer would normally be eating twigs from trees native to their regions during the winter.

Deer are more active at dawn and dusk and like using the same paths repeatedly when they find food that is available and safe.

Practical Uses

blog1-2Large burlap and polyethylene bags can be used to cover smaller tools and equipment from dust and weather, slide heavy equipment and materials around, and protect truck beds and cab floors from heavy-duty mud and dirt. They can line ponds and swales and protect plants from frost and foraging animals. You can refill them with feed or other loose material that need organizing. Smaller bags can be filled with sand and used for temporary barriers during flooding and to redirect ground water.

There are plenty of places to find livestock and deer corn feed bags online. Check with manufacturers of burlap products for industrial, agricultural, and landscaping use. Find livestock feed stores and select feed packaged in these useful bags. Ask if they have empty bags that you can take home and reuse. Hunting stores and even Walmarts now carry deer corn.

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