Protect Plants in Summer with Burlap

Protecting Plants from Hot Sun With BurlapIntense summer sun is not good, for people, animals, or plants. Hot days rob the Earth of moisture and dry the tender leaves of even the most sun-friendly plants. Plants, which are new to the garden, are the most vulnerable to sun damage. The sun rapidly robs young plants of stored water, scorching their tender leaves and making photosynthesis impossible.

Newly planted trees can easily die from excess heat and sunlight. Burlap is a relatively simple solution for preventing sun damage. Burlap can be constructed into sun shades made for small or large areas and tailor made to fit comfortably around tender saplings.

Burlap can be purchased from NYP-Corp, a manufactures textile packaging of burlap and jute. Burlap garden bags can easily be recycled for use as sun shades. The tan color of the burlap cloth is moderately reflective and the open weave of this fabric makes it ideal for this purpose.

Create Burlap Sun Shade

There are some basic materials and tools needed to create a sun shade:  heavy gauge wire; such as hog wire, a measuring tape, burlap cloth, thick sisal twine, scissors and wire cutters. Cut the burlap slightly larger than the wire mesh. Buy at least 6 or more feet of wire to make the sun shade.

The wire mesh should be longer than the area, which requires shading, because it will be rounded into an arch, with each end secured to the ground with bamboo stakes. Drape the burlap over the wire mesh and cut evenly spaced holes along the sides and bottom of the cloth. Weave the twine through the holes in the burlap attaching it to the arch. This will create a sun shade that will protect plants from too much sun. It can be removed easily, when not needed and stored for future use.

A sun shade for young trees can be made, by creating a cylinder out of the wire mesh, with a circumference that fits comfortably around the sapling. Cut a circle for the top of the cylinder. Cover the sides and the top with burlap and attach the cloth to the wire with sisal twine. This enclosure will protect the tree from becoming sun damaged and keep it healthy and strong throughout the hot summer.

Many plants become sun-scalded during hot weather. Providing cover from scorching sunlight can prevent plants from sustaining irreparable harm. A burlap cover can be a plant’s best defense against the negative affects of the summer sun.

Contact NYP-Corp today and protect your plants from the hot summer sun. Read an older blog about a Greenhouse Shade Cloth.

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