Cool Weather Plant Protection Using Burlap

Cool Weather Plant Protection Using Burlap

Winter is coming soon, and that means you need to start preparing to protect your outdoor plants from its harsh effects. Using burlap rolls and burlap sheets can effectively protect every plant, tree, or shrub from the top to the bottom all through winter. 

Burlap sheets not only protects your plants from the harsh winter, it also protects them from rodents and deer that come looking for food. The winter leaves wildlife animals short of food, and they come searching for foliage, bark, twigs, flowers and your plants could get damaged in the process. 

Wrapping With Burlap 

Burlap rolls and sheets are made from material that can breathe well, making it a great natural type of covering to help protect your shrubs and plants. It helps protect the plant from the harsh effects of the weather and temperatures, prevents them from breaking down, and works as a great insulator by keeping in the heat. 

Young trees, trees with thin barks, and trees that are recently planted, tend to have dried patches of dead bark or extra-long cracks. In the winter, these regions can get heated up in the sun, and when the temperature drops, it could kill the active tissues on the bark. This condition is called Sun Scald, and can be avoided if the tree trunk were to be wrapped with burlap. The burlap sheet or roll would reflect the sun off, allowing the bark to maintain its temperature, which prevents the tissue damage. Wrapping with burlap not only keeps the plant safe in the winter, it also is easy to work with and to use around the plants. 

A lot of damage can happen to vegetation during the winter season filled with cold temperatures, ice, snow, and harsh winds. The ice and snow is heavy and can break off branches. Roots need to be shielded from water loss that would hurt the plant when it can’t replace the lost water. The freezing and thawing of the soil could lead to the browning of plant tissues. All this can be avoided with burlap. 

The best way to keep a plant safe in the winter is to wrap the whole plant up with burlap in the fall. It should happen right after all the leaves have fallen off and before the strong winter sets in. First, you need to prune the branches if needed. Then you gather and bind the plant or shrub upward. Finally the entire plant is wrapped around two or three times with burlap. 

Using a Burlap Screen 

Instead of binding the entire plant up, you can also create a burlap barrier around each plant. First you set enough wooden stakes on the ground so they completely surround the plant. Then you use burlap sheets or rolls to wrap around the stakes and protect the plant from the winter elements. You would need to leave an opening on the top to ensure that air and light can enter the plant. 

If the plant is by a public road, the burlap would also protect it from the salt spray that would be used to melt the ice and plowed snow. 

You can also do something similar to protect shrubs. First, surround the shrubs with wooden stakes. Then use the burlap rolls to go around all the stakes to cover the entire row of shrubs. 

Burlap can be used to provide total coverage from top to bottom for any shrub and plant. It can even cover the top entirely, unless you only need a wind barrier for large trees. Any exposed edges can be kept secure with sisal twine. Plant edges near the ground should be secured in with rocks and mulch. This helps prevent damage from cold air, snow, and ice, as well as animals that could get in. 

Once winter is over and spring is almost there, the burlap sheets and rolls should be removed. Protecting all outdoor plants with burlap should be a routine job that you have as part of maintaining your landscape over the fall season. Your time and effort would pay off when the vegetation lives to shine and grow better through another spring season, without dying away over the winter.

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