Using Sandbags to Protect Your Home From Floods

Sandbags to Protect Your Home From FloodsThe Most Destructive Natural Disaster

A natural disaster can be a tremendous burden on any homeowner's property. While Mother Nature can be devastating, floods can cause traumatic damage to our property, and we can prevent a complete disaster by using a simple solution. If you haven't thought of using sandbags to protect your property from flooding, now might be the time. When used properly, they can greatly minimize flood damage.

They work by providing a boundary between flowing water and your home. The seal of water will not be watertight, yet effective placement will deter the water around your home. Water damage to your home could result in a complete loss of property. Working with an inexpensive, yet adequate solution will keep your home safer. 

NYP Corp helps homeowners with all aspects of property protection by offering flood sandbags in emergency situations when flooding is likely. They can also be purchased already filled to give homeowners and businesses peace of mind in an emergency. 

Basement Protection 

While floods can certainly impact your entire property, the basement is more vulnerable than other parts of the home because it the lowest section. Begin by inspecting the interior walls to make sure there are no cracks in the foundation. You can use a waterproof epoxy to repair it or call a professional to help. In addition, make sure you have a fully operational sump pump. A sump pump is very similar to a drain in the lowest part of your basement, which will push excess water outside of your home. 

Windows are another source of water infiltration. Old windows become ineffective at preventing water and moisture buildup. If your basement windows and window well are effective, it will go a long way to prevent flooding in your basement. The investment in replacement windows could save you thousands of dollars in expenses with a flooded basement. 

Water is Your Home's Enemy 

Residing in a low lying area puts your home at risk for flood damage. As a homeowner, you know it might be impossible to raise your home to a higher level to prevent water damage. Many individuals don't have the financial means or capability in order to do this. 

A better option is using sandbags around your home. If stacked and filled properly, they are highly effective in preventing flood damage. Read more about how to properly stack emergency sandbags.

The flood sandbags are either made from burlap or polypropylene plastic. Aim for a bag to be filled around 40 pounds in total capacity. If a flood is approaching quickly, this is a great option. People have been using them for hundreds of years, and there is a reason why people still rely on this method of flood prevention. 

We would love to assist you in keeping your home safeguarded from a flood.

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