Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Protect your Garden from Weeds Using Ground Covers and BurlapThe planting season is here, and it’s time to get your garden ready for Spring. Maintaining a healthy garden requires hard work from start to finish, but there are a few ways you can reduce the usual problems associated with caring for a home garden. NYP Corp provides wholesale nursery supplies from six locations including landscape supplies, burlap and other supplies to meet the needs of gardeners.

Ground Cover for Your Garden

Gardeners have two specific choices when looking for the right garden ground covers. Standard black ground covers offer greater heat absorption for early gardens, but burlap can also be used to detour the growth of weeds and help protect your garden.

Black ground covers typically prevent weed growth similar to burlap, but it must be removed after every growing season. Burlap is made from natural plant fibers so it’s perfectly fine to let the burlap degrade naturally within the soil.

Whether you prefer the overall weed prevention of conventional ground covers or natural burlap, covering the beds of your garden can make the entire growing season more productive and less of a bother.

Stop The Weeds Before They Start

In addition to killing off existing weed root systems, preventing weeds from the start of the growing season will make care much easier. Weeding a garden is a never-ending process for many home gardeners. To minimize or eliminate weed growth all season long, many people use ground covers to keep weeds and grass at bay.

In warmer regions, weeds can invade and overtake a garden very quickly. Both early and late gardens can benefit from the use of ground covers. A garden full of weeds is an eye-sore, but it can also destroy your garden by robbing other plants of water, nutrients and sunlight.

Tilling And Killing For Early Planting

Before planting can begin, you must prepare your garden area to produce the best conditions possible. Tilling the soil in the area is a must, but destroying roots of grass and weeds is also crucial to reduce weed infestation later on.

The best course of action is to till the soil multiple times while exposing roots of grass and weeds to the sun for extended periods of time. This will ensure you’re starting with a clean slate that’s free of troublesome weeds or crab grass.

Protecting Early Spring Gardens

Early spring gardens can produce a variety of crops that thrive during cooler temperatures. A ground cover combined with raised beds will reduce weed growth by keeping germinated plants from reaching the sun, but it will also keep early spring gardens better protected against sudden temperature changes.

Planting in the early spring has many advantages, but the risk of frost can make it more difficult to get an early garden going. Ground covers absorb heat and help better insulate soil. In the event of a surprise frost, the root systems of your garden vegetables are much safer when protected by a garden ground cover.

NYP Corp has been providing nursery growers with quality burlap, twine, shade clothes, landscape supplies and wire baskets since the 1950’s.

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