Preparing For a Hurricane – What Can You Do?

Prevent flooding during hurricane seasonNYP-Corp understands how important it is to secure your home and property during the hurricane season. We have  filled sandbags ready to go that can protect your home, business, property and valuables from flooding at any given time. By doing so, this allows you to focus on other important tasks leading up to potential property disasters.

Hurricanes rank among the most powerful of the world’s natural disasters. They present a plethora of potential problems for home-owners and their families including high winds and flooding. Before a Hurricane strikes, take the opportunity to put in place measures to prevent damage and prepare for the after-effects of a storm.


In all cases it is best to prevent harm to your loved ones and damage to your personal property by effectively readying your home in advance. High winds will easily pick up and throw about debris – indiscriminately destroying your properly and risking the well-being of your family. Large amount of rain will cause flooding causing significant property damage without the use of flood sandbags.

Before a Hurricane, do the following to ensure the readiness of your home:

1. Reducing potential debris. Remove loose stones or gravel in favour of wood chips or mulch. Secure or put away loose patio furniture. Trim surrounding bushes and trees of potentially weak branches that could break off and become hazardous in a storm.

2. Secure all potential entry points to your house. Ensure that doors are securely fastened to their frames. All windows should be impact resistant, or should have impact resistant shutters. Garage doors, because of their size, could easily give way if not properly reinforced.

3. Ensure your home is structurally stable; recruit the help of a home inspector. The roof especially should be firmly and securely connected to the frame of the house because this is where the brunt of the force is felt.


Damage control. Regardless of how well your home was prepared before the storm, you may have to contend with a number of problems in the wake of a hurricane.

1. Prepare an emergency plan for your family. Everybody should know the safest place to be when a hurricane strikes – away from glass and other debris.

2. Flooding or fallen debris could knock out electricity and easily hinder your ability to satisfy your family’s basic needs. Emergency sandbags can help you prepare for the dangerous flood waters the storm will bring.

3. Prepare an emergency kit. Plenty of information is available online, but any kit should at least include emergency blankets or shelter, drinking water, non-perishable foods, emergency cooking tools, and a flash-light with batteries.

4. Review your home owner’s insurance for damage caused by high winds and flood damage.

With more tropical storms potentially on the forecast, it is still not too late to take a few easy steps to better prepare your home for potential disaster and flooding. A small amount of preparation can prevent a whole lot of grief if the worst should happen. Don’t wait until it is too late! Prepare today with NYP Corp’s complete line of  sandbags for flood protection.

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