Preparing Your Spring Garden Beds

Preparing for your Spring Garden Beds We're now at the time of year when gardeners need to prepare their gardens for the Spring season. There are also some important steps that gardeners need to know about in order to minimize hassle and the risk of potential pitfalls, so we will describe what you need to do to prepare for this year's Spring gardening season..

Tilling the Soil and Removing the Potential for Weeds

Your garden must be thoroughly treated before you plant a single seed otherwise it is very likely to be overtaken by unwanted growth in a matter of weeks otherwise. Weeds can pop up throughout even adequately tilled soil because they only need slightly functional underlying root networks to grow and ruin a perfectly good garden. More than just being unpleasant to look at, a mass of weeds overtaking your garden can prevent your crops from getting the nutrients they need from the moisture and sunlight they should be getting.

A basic tilling job can expose a fair amount of weed roots, as well as roots for a similarly problematic plant like crabgrass, so that exposure to sunlight will render the weeds incapable of growing. However, networks of weed roots constantly spread through soil even when it seems like they have been adequately dealt with, so you may have to apply separate tilling procedures throughout your entire garden's space to minimize the issue. This is especially true in warm climates, where it seems like keeping a garden free of potential weed growth is an endless struggle.

Covering Your Garden to Keep Heat and Lose Weeds

Among the more useful nursery supplies for your garden are ground covers that can make the garden both better at retaining heat and keeping weeds from growing. However, there are two types of covering to choose from. Burlap ground covers don't have to be removed regularly because they are made out of natural materials that break down over time, and since their components are plant fibers, it is okay for them to get absorbed into the soil underneath the cover over time. 

On the other hand, burlap covers do not trap heat as well as covers made out of black fabric, which do need to be removed whenever a growing season ends. These are usually the better choice for gardens planted earlier in the Spring, when there is more of a need to keep their overall temperatures consistent even while there are sudden temperature shifts occurring outside. Even a sudden onset of frost won't threaten a garden if it has appropriate covering.

If you are planning to cultivate a garden early in the Spring to grow certain types of crops that are dependent on moderate temperatures, you should consider building a raised garden bed. Together with a ground cover, this ensures that weed seeds within the soil won't get the sunlight they need to sprout even while the actual crops are getting just the insulating heat that they need.

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