Stockpile Burlap Sandbags for Hurricane Season

blog1-1 Hurricane season begins in June and extends through November. Over the next few months, depending on several major climate factors affecting the air and ocean water temperatures, the season can be largely unpredictable. That is why being prepared for flooding is so important.

Flooding causes extensive property damage around the world every year. More recent building practices have made newer homes and structures less prone to flooding disaster, but older construction remains vulnerable. Throughout the world, there is an increasing interest in finding practical and cost-effective ways to reduce exposures to hurricane damage and flooding from tidal surges to overflowing rivers and streams.

These methods include:

  • limiting new building inside existing flood plains,
  • constructing floodwalls or berms as barriers to redirect water, and
  • retrofitting buildings by modifying them with water tight floor and wall systems or elevating the ground floor above flood level to keep living space dry

These construction practices help, but beyond that, we still rely on sandbags as the main staple for constructing barriers and redirecting water to further prevent major problems from occurring. Filled and stacked properly, they will also prevent erosion from the repeated assault of successive storms leaving weakened soil behind compounding the initial damage. They can help keep drainage systems clear of the debris that prevents the flow of water causing flood levels to rise higher than expected. Sandbags can also seal up sewer lines to prevent backflow into a building.

Embracing Nature with Bio-Friendly Tools

blog1-2Floodplains exist for a reason so the less we alter them, the better. They are nature’s best system for organic flood and erosion control, storing and diverting water, reducing the pace of water flow, filtering nutrients and debris from runoff, and keeping a balance that supports local wildlife. These things provide the most beautiful areas to study and enjoy nature. We need to respect the environment and work with it rather than against it. It’s important to prepare for flooding caused by heavy rainfall over short periods of time – coastal storms, tropical storms, and hurricanes – using eco-friendly resources that are readily available. Otherwise, floods can wreak havoc on our manmade settings.

Remember to work with the land’s natural flow of water by either letting it pass through an elevated structure or uninhabited living space or by temporarily redirecting it around the property to return it to its natural course. Sandbags have always been an environmentally friendly tool that can be left in place to biodegrade and have a natural look of burlap made from simple plant fibers.  They are filled with clean soil or sand and can be reused as well. The flexible materials are able to withstand the changing water pressure unlike retaining walls of wood and stone that eventually fail. Empty burlap bags take up minimal space and can be filled onsite and as needed. Protect yourself from flood hazards by stocking up on sandbags long before a flooding occurs and have a plan in place.

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