Prepare for Flooding Caused by Hurricanes

Hurricane Flood Protection with SandbagsSome might say that hurricanes are Mother Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes. It starts with an area of low atmospheric pressure and grows as condensation releases into the air. You might associate a hurricane with the mechanisms that drive it, storms, winds and heavy rain, but flooding is one of the major concerns in any region prone to these potentially devastating squalls. When one approaches the coastline, residents need to know how to prepare for the flooding that comes with the storm.

Flood Protection

The most effective way to safeguard items against the damage from floodwaters is to elevate them. Roll up the rugs and move everything possible to higher ground. In some homes, this might mean putting everything on the top floor. For single level residences, placing items high on tables or on top shelves can work. Valuables such as jewelry and money should go with you if you evacuate in case of looting.

Water and electricity don’t mix. Unplug all electric items such as stereos, computers and appliances. Place vital documents like birth certificates and insurance policies in a waterproof box and place it somewhere safe.

Sandbags for Protection

Sandbags serve as a barrier between the water surge and a home. You can create your own bags or reach out to NYP-Corp as they provide filled sandbags ready to stack. Put the bags out like a fence around your home.

  • Clear the area of any debris
  • Place the bags lengthwise and parallel to the waterline
  • Lay sandbags out in a pyramid formation
  • Overlap bags so the ends are staggered
  • Stamp down on sand bags with your feet to create a tight seal between the layers

Learn how to correctly create an effective sandbag wall providing maximum protection from rising flood water.

Hurricanes are hard to predict accurately. If you live in a coastal area, you should keep supplies on hand like sand bags for an emergency. Taking precautions to prevent damage to you home from a flood that comes with a hurricane will minimize the recovery period should the unthinkable happen.

Once the water has subsided, learn how to correctly dispose sandbags after flooding.

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