Preparations for Hurricane Season Flooding
Preparations for Hurricane Season Flooding

Hurricanes are a combination of atmospheric conditions starting with the heating of warm, moist air on the surface of the ocean. As the warm air from the ocean surface rises it meets cold air and form clouds of volatile air with water droplets that circulate to become the hurricanes we all know and dread arriving at our door. Preparing for a hurricane is a multistep process that can include the use of sandbags, evacuation, and creating an emergency kit of non-perishable items.

Hurricane Flooding is a Major Problem

The problem of flooding is one that is often ignored when a hurricane is moving towards an area of land. We tend to think of the hurricane as causing a major storm with thunder and lightning and dangerously damaging winds. What we do not consider is the flooding that often follows a major hurricane and is a common hazard for coastal communities who usually find themselves seeing a storm surge move through their region during and after the storm passes through.

Protecting your Property

In the days before a hurricane arrives in your area, you are generally given a warning about the possible areas of landfall within a certain cone of danger. Along with the predicted storm surge, the chances of heavy rain are possible and can make flooding chances even worse.

How do you protect your property from the predicted storm surge associated with a hurricane? Firstly, you should explore the opportunities available for protecting your home with sandbags that can form a protective barrier around your home to halt the rise of storm waters.

Sandbag Barrier

Creating a sandbag barrier around your property is easy to do with a series of easy to use steps allowing you the chance to keep your home safe from a storm surge. Debris around your home or office can cause major problems with the issue often resulting in more damage when flood waters arrive around your property. Secondly, identify where your home is most at risk and develop your plan for using a sandbag barrier to protect your property.

Sandbags should be stacked in a pyramid style lengthwise parallel to the predicted advance of the water. The major problem facing the majority of homeowners using a sandbag defense against the flood waters is the lack of a tight seal formed between the bags. Each time a bag is placed in the staggered barrier it should be pushed tightly against the other bags in the fence to create a tight seal the water will find it difficult to pass through.

Creating a sandbag barrier to protect your home is something you should be aware of when you live in a coastal area which stands a chance of being affected by flooding during hurricane season. It is important you do not leave your defense against flooding to the last minute when supplies for creating a sand-based defense will be scarce as your neighbors will be battling to protect their property too. When you are already prepared with sand and bags you will face less of a problem when it comes to protecting your home during a hurricane.

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