Natural Plant Fiber Rugs

blog4-1Most plant fiber rugs are awesome in high traffic areas, absorbing dirt and stains, and showing very little wear and tear while providing added warmth. If you have dogs, kids, frequent gatherings, or like eating food on the move, no worries. These rugs are good for an active home.

Cleaning is easy. A quick vacuuming or a little water and a rag picks up spills. These rugs naturally hide everything from pet hair, dirt, food stains, and more.

They have style down to the last fiber, especially for those who enjoy the vibe of a cozy cottage or natural look. They come in different colors and patterns, with weave and fringe, or the simple straight edge. Dress them up or down and even layer them.

They are reasonably priced and allow you to get bigger sizes or more rugs for your spaces. Even if you currently have rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, adding area rugs defines different living areas like a sitting room or eat-in kitchen. Layering rugs has been a fashion trend for a number of years.

Sisal, Seagrass, and Jute

Depending on the look, use, and amount of foot traffic, you may want to consider which type of plant fiber rug is best for your home.

Sisal agave fiber rugs work well on hard floors because they let dirt fall right through the weave.  The fibers come from the leaves of the plant and are known for their ability to accept color which is why you often find them dyed.

Seagrass rugs can be used in rooms that tend to be high in humidity because they absorb some of the moisture from the air.  These historically unique mats create an eclectic look for any home. The reeds grow in rice paddies making them tough and resistant to most stains and spills. The fibers are normally found in their natural colors and forms.  You can find seagrass rugs in shades of neutral green tones like olive and sage, as well as beiges and browns.

blog4-2Jute fiber rugs will look great in any space but are best used in places that do not get heavy traffic because they tend to shed.  Jute fiber is made from the stem of the plant and is commonly used to make burlap bags and carpet backing. These rugs are great as a border under and around a bed or in a formal dining room. One hundred percent jute rugs have a texture that feels like a foot massage when you walk on them and can be made softer when blended with other fibers. They come in a variety of colors and patterns but are usually seen in neutral hues of brown.

The type of weave makes a difference in the appearance. The color, texture, and thickness variation of each type of rug are what make them a special addition to any room. Plant fiber rugs serve as decoration as well as practical use. They also keep those feet toasty in the winter season.

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