NYP Corp Provides Wholesale Nursery Supplies

NYP CorpNYP Corp leader in Wholesale Nursery Supplies provides quality wholesale products for all your nursery needs. They have been supplying superior nursery products since 1946 and know what it takes to make your business profitable.

They are a wholesale manufacture company that offers the best products available in large discounts from their six locations.

Treated and Plain Burlap

Burlap is the product of choice to protect plants’ delicate root balls from being damaged or drying out during transport. NYP offers traditional burlap and rot-resistant, treated burlap in both heavy and extra heavy versions.

They carry bulk burlap and burlap along with other products for every nursery need, including: squares, cone-shaped liners, burlap rolls, balling bags and large sheet burlap.

Wire Baskets

NYP offers three different types of wire baskets:

  • The Original NYP wire basket is a competitively-priced, welded ring and loop product.
  • The NYP/GW wire basket offers superior strength and durability due to its continuous two-wire construction. This product is made in the USA.
  • For the most durable basket, NYP partnered with BRAUN© to offer its patented, continuous-wire basket.

All baskets are available in a wide range of styles and sizes that are sure to fit your needs.

Twine, Ropes and Strapping

Every nursery needs quality tying products. NYP offers an assortment of products, including: high grade center pull sisal twine, poly twine, natural sisal rope, mule tape and seat belt strapping. All tying products come in a variety of packaging.

Ground Covers

Weeds and dry soil can become problematic in your display areas. Read a previous blog describing how to use ground covers and how it prepares your garden for Spring. NYP’s woven polypropylene fabric is designed to combat these problems and stand up to long periods of full sun. All NYP ground covers come with a woven green stripe every 12” to help with installation and to organize rows of pots.

Shade Cloths

NYP sells only the highest quality, lock-stitched, knitted shade cloth for both its durability and ease of use. Available in a large variety of continuous widths, NYPs shade cloth fits virtually any size structure. And because of its unique design, you can cut this knitted shade cloth without it fraying or raveling. Read how shade cloths can help a vegetable garden.

Stakes and Tree Guards

To protect your plants in the field or in the nursery, NYP offers both fiberglass and bamboo tree stakes and tree guards. Both come in wide variety of heights and diameters suitable for your products’ needs.

From supporting and transporting your product, to suppressing weed growth and shading your investment, NYP has the right products for the job.

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