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Grain and Feed Bags from NYP CorpAt NYP Corp, we believe our customers deserve nothing less than the best, which is why we are proud to carry Leno Mesh bags along with a variety of additional agricultural packing bags. The Leno Mesh bags are known for the durability and versatility, and they are available in a variety of sizes. If you cannot find the size you need among our imported listings, we can probably make it for you.

We carry many different types of bags that are used for a variety of purposes, but two of our most popular bags are our citrus and produce bags, and our grain and feed bags.

Below are some of the features of each, along with some creative ways customers have used these bags.

Leno Mesh Citrus and Produce Bags

On our website, customers will find almost every type of mesh bags imaginable. We import a number of boom and pillow bag, and we manufacture bags that we cannot find to import. On our shelves, there are bags with capacities as small as 3 lbs. and as large as 50 lbs. Each size is available in many different colors: red, green, yellow, purple and white.

These mesh bags are primarily used to package produce, because they are breathable, strong and oil absorbent. Customers use them to hold cabbages, onions, oranges, garlic, corn and grapefruits. Storing fruits and vegetables is not their only use, though.  These mesh bags are strong and breathable, making them useful for many things including used for transporting athletic equipment, laundry and customers use these bags for packaging shellfish or firewood.

Leno Mesh Grain and Feed Bags

Like our citrus and produce bags, our grain bags and feed bags come in an array of sizes and colors. Currently, the smallest one we have in stock is 15 in. x 24 in., and the largest is 40 in. x 54 in. When ordering mesh bags for grain or feed, customers have a number of choices, in addition to size.

Bags can have:

  • A specific fabric weight and weave count
  • Tie strings or draw cords
  • Anti-skid
  • A Single- or double-stitched bottom

Some of the uses for our woven polypropylene bags include using for deer corn bags, livestock feed bags. Additionally, industries use the bags for debris removal, chemical bags, and fertilizer bags.

Custom Options Available

Regardless of what type of bag you select, all of our bags can be customized.  On the produce and grain bags, we can add a white print strip and print your company logo on it. The grain and feed bags can be custom printed directly on their laminated fabric. With all of these options and customization, we at NYP Corp are able to provide excellent leno mesh bags.

Contact NYP-Corp by filling out the online form or call 1-800-524-1052, one of our sales representatives will answer your questions you may have regarding the agricultural packing bags; grain and feed bags and our citrus and produce bags.

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