Nursery Wire Basket Types

Can Burlap Replace Plastic?

Nursery wire baskets are constructed from heavy gauge wire in order to remain sturdy and rigid even while under large amounts of stress. These wires are designed to hold root balls intact during the shipping process.

This wire also makes it possible for a tree to be uprooted from the root ball rather than cut at the trunk. This is the most effective way to ensure that the roots remain intact within the root ball. It also ensures that the roots remained submerged in soil.

There has been no conclusive research proving any negative effects of nursery wire baskets on young trees. In fact, there is some research that shows roots have a tendency to engulf these wires without suffering any harm. Biodegradable string and strapping can also remain on a tree with the wire basket. Some wire may have to be removed if the root flare is too far down in the soil. When planting a tree properly, this wire should rest above grade. 

There are some horticulturists that recommend people to remove the top 12- to 18-inches of this wire. This translates to roughly two or three levels of the root ball. You can also remove the entire basket if necessary. It should only take a few minutes to remove this amount of wiring. It's important to be patient in order to avoid damaging the roots of the plant. Trees that have the wire basket taken out during the planting process will require regular staking. This is especially true if the soil is loose or sandy.

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Nursery Wire Baskets

Two continuous wires are used in the construction of NYP/GW wire baskets. These baskets are manufactured in the USA at NYP's North Carolina and Tennessee plants. For a competitive price to the customer, these baskets offer durability and superior strength. 

Original NYP Wire Baskets

The original NYP wire baskets offer the same superior quality found in welded, galvanized ring-and-loop baskets at a consumer-friendly price.

We offer the following types of wire baskets:

Braun Wire Baskets

NYP partnered with Braun to offer itscustomers a patented continuous-wire design. Some styles of Braun baskets include: Truncated wire baskets, Clegg wire baskets, Cone and Tight-Cone wire baskets, Optimal wire baskets, Braun Vermeer wire baskets, and star wire forms.

Each basket type is available in welded and open-bottom designs.  A unique design in nursery wire baskets is the "wrapper" (top dimensions 20 to 48 inches). This basket is ideal for irregularly-shaped root balls or planting areas not reachable by tree spades. It works by positioning the wrapper around the tree's root ball, closing the basket like a belt and fastening it with a pigtail crimp.

NYP's Dutchman Wire Baskets

These are made to match the measurements of each size of Dutchman tree spade. This compatibility of basket to spade size facilitates better packaging and saves time in the planting process. 

Big John Nursery Wire Baskets

These are specifically designed to reduce the costs of digging, shipping/handling, and storage of larger trees. They are compatible with 52, 55, 65, 80, and 90 size diggers.

Daisy Wire Baskets

This baskets fits any shape tree ball with sizes from 12" to 60". The circular bottom provides complete support while the pliable, petal-shaped wire allows tight pigtail crimping. Daisy baskets are made from one continuous length of wire. They are easy to remove, if desired, when planting the tree. Shipping and storing are easy and economical.

All three nursery wire baskets models are available in all sizes and  styles. View our Nursery Wire Baskets or get a free quote today!