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Nursery Supplies - Wire BasketsTree roots need protection until the tree is planted. The balled and burlap method avoids most root damage. The method holds the roots and soil in place and makes transplanting easier.

The technique improved over the past decade. Tree roots balled and burlapped, with biodegradable, no-rot burlap, are now placed in a wire basket. The baskets do little or no harm to a tree and are planted right along with the roots. NYP Corp delivers exceptional and affordable wire baskets to nurserymen.

The root ball is constantly and evenly supported. The wire basket is handled instead of the trunk, and the weight of the roots is more uniformly distributed. The planting process is the same as a root ball without a basket.

Learn why removing the wire basket may damage the root system. A basket helps hold sandy soil in place including at the bottom of the root ball. If transplanted soil is inadequate at the bottom, the tree may go into shock and die.

The basket provides more support and stability for a newly transplanted tree than stakes. Stakes may need adjusting from season to season. Wire baskets eliminate the problems.

Extensive research shows a wire basket poses no threat to the tree. The basket openings are even and wide enough for roots to reach through. While the tree grows, roots grow around the wires. Water and essential nutrients easily reach the roots.

Tree roots may grow deep or spread out closer to the surface. A wire basket must match the shape that a mature tree root system will take. NYP Corp baskets come in three main types. The original NYP Corp  basket is constructed well. It features a galvanized welding ring and loop baskets. NYP/GW (Great Western) baskets are made in the USA. Two wires are used in the construction. The baskets are durable and offer support. A third basket design through BRAUN features a continuous wire. It’s patented. The three styles accommodate every tree root system.

Choose from Clegg wire baskets, Cone wire baskets, Optimal wire baskets, Tight Cone wire baskets and Truncated wire baskets. Star wire forms are also offered. Large quantity discounts available from six locations.

The wire baskets are rounded, slightly pointed or completely open at the base. Sides slant straight or curve out from the base. Angles and depths are appropriate for tree growth.

Contact NYP Corp, as they offer excellent and affordable nursery supplies. Their wire baskets are designed to reduce tree stress caused by transporting and planting.

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