Get Ready for Fall with Our Nursery Supplies

Get Ready for Fall with Our Nursery Supplies

Fall is on the here, and gardeners are gathering all of the necessary nursery supplies they will need to grow and treat a variety of different crops. The following items are a must-have for gardeners who want to ensure that their crops will flourish the way they are intended to. These nursery supplies will not only help you prepare your garden for planting, but they will also maintain an optimal growing environment for your seeds to sprout.

Bamboo Stakes for Plant Stabilization

Bamboo stakes serve a variety of purposes in the maintenance and growth of a garden. The stakes come in all different lengths and sizes to keep rigid plants from growing lop-sided in a garden system. They also position vines to grow in a certain way to ensure that the vegetables and fruits that are being produced will not be ruined as a result of being grown too close to the soil. Bamboo stakes are composed of man-made elements that prevent contamination in a garden. They come in different-sized lengths as well as in bundles that contain a diverse array of stalks. Depending on the conditions, the stakes can last two years in the ground, while the above ground portion of the stakes can last for many years. They are pest and rot resistant, which add to their long life and durability.

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Twine Keeps Everything Together

Nursery twine holds various parts of a garden together, including stake supports. While many industries have different ways of using it, the garden industry uses several varieties of twine to ensure that crops can be guided skillfully through the entire growing process. Regardless of whether they are treated or untreated, the threads are comprised of entirely natural materials or man-made plastic. Our nursery twine will aesthetically blend into any garden without giving the appearance that it was tampered with.

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Ground Cover for Erosion Control and Weed Prevention

Our nursery ground covers prevent weeds from outgrowing the rest of your plants and neatly integrate into your garden. Some of our fabric rolls can stretch up to 3,000 feet. We can measure a segment that will directly suit the dimensions of your garden. We have several kinds of ground covers, including coverings made from black fabric that can prevent the growth of weeds while evenly dispersing heat throughout your entire garden. An entire square yard of this light fabric weighs around 3 ounces and is very easy to handle. On the other hand, burlap covers are comprised of natural materials that resist rot and keep pests out of a garden. During the winter months, burlap can prevent cold winds from destroying vines, shrubs, and roses, and during the summer, it can shield plants against the hot summertime sun.

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