Most Common Sources of Flooding

NYP-Corp Provides Filled Sandbags for Flood ProtectionFlooding can be a devastating experience for homeowners to go through and should be prepared. NYP-Corp is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of bags including emergency sandbags and filled sandbags for flood protection.  If not properly protected, floods can destroy homes, businesses, and possessions, and can also be dangerous if the floodwaters are contaminated with bacteria or other toxins.

Different Causes for Flooding

There are many potential causes of flooding, but only a few that cause the majority of floods. For massive floods that affect a large suburban or city area, weather changes are almost always the cause. When a region experiences massive rainfall or when it rains for an extended period, flooding can happen, and often does in these instances. This kind of flooding can sometimes be referred to as surface water flooding, and it happens when the drainage system in a particular area is inadequate for handling the excess water. Surface water flooding can also lead to sewer flooding, in which contaminated water from the sewer floods an area.

Those regions that have hefty snowfalls during winter will often experience flooding during the spring thaw. This flooding is more likely to happen when the temperature climbs drastically during the thaw. During the spring many areas are particularly vulnerable to flooding, because rainfall is often at its peak in many areas during the spring, and snow is melting in areas that get cold enough for snow. In these instances, it is the combination of increased rainfall and melting snow that leads to floods. All of this water collecting in one place means that nearly any body of water can be affected, so it is not uncommon for rivers to flood during changes of seasons, and anyone living near a river can experience the impact. Floods can strike quickly and without warning which makes protecting your property a difficult proposition. View the real-time flood condition map of US river basins, tracking and monitoring flood areas.

Flooding of the coast can occur during powerful storms that occur over the ocean, and also when the ocean hits high tide. This combination can be common in coastal areas and often can cause large amounts of water to end up on dry land.

Areas that contain aquifers can also experience flooding. When these become overwhelmed, water can actually rise from the ground below and flood the surface land above. These events are also caused by increased rainfall that seeps into the ground and infiltrates the porous aquifers, causing the water to well up. Often people living in low-lying areas can experience greater flooding from both surface water flooding and groundwater flooding. For those living in lower areas, homeowners can prepare for a flood with the uses of a sandbag barrier for flood protection. Contact NYP-Corp today as they have emergency sandbags in stock ready to help business owners and homeowners properly protect their property from severe flood damage.

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